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  • Pure Vitamin C beauty fluid
    for all skin troubles.

  • To create a ever beautiful,
    thick, and curly eyelashes
    mildly without stimulation.

  • EXIDEAL is the latest optical
    beauty apparatus, with
    adoption of LED.

  • Highest level of UV protection
    in Japan Containing the
    cosmetic ingredients

  • The enzyme powder soap
    contains compound vitamin
    and penetrates into
    pores to take the grime away.

  • Perfectly clear facial skin
    just through washing

  • With cosmetic ingredients it
    effectivly prevent you
    from aging
    signals after 10 years.

  • Contains pure Vitamin C
    equal to that of 52 lemons.

  • It containing
    4% hydroquinone
    and reduces age spots

  • Evolved muti-effect gel,
    moisturize and hydrate your
    skin to help
    create moist surface.

  • Placenta cosmetics series.
    Also piled the age, to the
    rich and mellow adult skin

  • Waking up infinite possibilities
    of anti-aging, lighting up
    beauty beyond age.

  • Eye cream.The triple roller
    gently massages to
    stimulate circulation and

  • Skin Soothing
    Loose Powder.
    Helps revitalize skin's

  • High concentrations
    supplement packed with 100%
    of pure placenta extract.

  • It is specialized for
    its 7 kinds of amino
    acid balanced formula.

  • Supplement packed with
    Soothes menopause

  • Intestinal environment
    normalization with lactic acid
    bacteria produce substances.

  • shampoo&treatment
    Bring you shiny
    and luminous hair.

  • New hair oil comes out to
    make your hair fresh
    and not greasy.


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