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일본의 모든 것을 쇼핑하세요. 당신이 있는 곳을 포함해, 전 세계로 배송해 드립니다.

Pompreece is a company of pet goods manufacturing in Japan.
We sell products to overseas customers on the market of Rakuten Ichiba.

Shipping available countries and areas

China, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia,Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, India


Procedure from order to delivery


Please click "Add to Cart" button in the order page. A product is added to a shopping cart.

Please confirm whether contents of the order do not have a mistake.

After items choice was all over, please click "Proceed to Checkout" banner in the "My Shopping Cart" page.


Please obey instructions input necessary matters displayed by the screen of each page “1. Sign in" “2. Shipping" “3. Payment", and confirm contents in "4. Review".

That becomes all for the operation on web, but the order has not been yet settled.


We send the email to you after confirmation by order completion.

By the email, we guide you the following notification.

(a) Products to ship from our shop
 (products can’t be shipped to your country and out of stock are removed)

(b) Total product charges
(the tax of the application in Japan is deducted)

(c) Shipping Fee
(decided a country, an area to send and products weight in a standard)

An amount of money that matched (b) total product charges and (c) Shipping Fee is charged.

We’ll inform you by email around 3 days after the day when you ordered.

(If a holiday of our store designation is inserted, it may take more than four days.)


You must confirm the contents of the email, and reply email of the shipment consent to our shop.

After having confirmed the email from a visitor, we prepare for the shipment.

You can’t appoint the delivery date.

The days from shipment to delivery vary according to a country, an area.



판매자 개요

회사 이름 Pompreece Co., Ltd.
판매자명 Pompreece Rakuten Ichiba Shop
판매자 주소 Kimmeicho 33-1 Soka-shi Saitama 340-0052
판매자 전화번호 0120-36-1199
판매자 팩스 번호 0120-79-9912

배송 옵션

일본 우체국EMS(국제특급우편)

결제 옵션


신용카드 또는 체크카드 결제가 가능합니다.

이용 가능한 신용카드/체크카드 :



•American Express



반품 정책

As a general rule, We cannot accept the return of goods of the product.
(when the product has a delinquent, the case that an order product and a different product touched is excluded)