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● Food Bowl Stand KEAT size S
● Food Bowl Stand KEAT size L

● Square-type pedestal table KEAT size S
● Square-tyape pedestal table KEAT size L

● Egg-shape Food Bowl  White / Black

● Egg-shape Food BowlPET&PET Original Design
 ・ Toy Poodle Sitting down
 ・ Toy Poodle Waiting for Food
 ・ Pretty&prim black cat

● Dental Care
 ・ Toothbrush 360°type for dogs & cats
 ・ Toothbrush 360°type for dogs 

 Pet Hair Cleaner
 ・ Cleaner ketori Berry
 ・ Cleaner ketori Blue
 ・ Cleaner ketori Orange

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KEAT is a stylish food bowl stand with reduced inclination.

Stylish food bowl stand with reduced inclination.
For meal.
(for small dogs and cats)

Food Bowl Stand
KEAT size S

Food Bowl Stand
KEAT size L

Difficult to eat.

Easy to eat♪
KEAT-SQUARE is a stylish box type food bowl stand .

Stylish food bowl stand box type.
Caters to small dogs and cats for all meals and drinks.


Food Bowl Stand
size S

Food Bowl Stand
size L

Dogs and cats drink water by curling their tongue downward

Easy to drink♪
Stylish Egg-shape Food Bowl 
(For dogs and cats) Egg-shape Food Bowl

egg food bowlwhite / black)
(For dogs and cats)
PET&PET Original Design Egg-shape Food Bowl

"Is dinner ready yet?"
Toy Poodle Sitting down
Toy Poodle Waiting for Food
Pretty & prim black cat
(For dogs and cats) stainless steel dish

stainless steel dish  water:200ml (D:11cm × H:4cm)


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