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Bijouterie euro flat is a Tokyo-based jewelry shop which features
a wide range of collection of women's 18K gold jewelry and men's sterling silver jewerly. 


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*International orders do not qualify for free shipping.
Free shipping campaign is currently available only for deliveries within Japan.
Some items are only sold in Japan.  We currently do not ship all products listed on our website to all countries. 

*The rings are currently not available on our global site.
If you wish to order a ring, please make sure that you know your exact size
in Japanese-ring size measurement.
All rings are marked as "sold out" please contact us by email
if you wish to purchase the ring.

*If you have came across with our jewelry on our other online shops
and if an item is not currently available on Rakuten, you may order a similar item 
and then we will email you with the correct item's details as long as you remind us
which brand/design no. you are meant to buy.
Please enter any matters worthy of special mention in the "Notes" column.