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If you cannot find the paper you are looking for, please contact us at rakuten@ozuwashi.net
Pansion series
Medium weight low-price paper. Its texture and strength is similar to those of Washi. Ideal for students studying wood block printing. Also you can use them for inkjet / laser printing.

Pansion K-155 Bright beige
10 sheets / 200 sheets value pack
Pansion K-156 Natural beige
10 sheets / 200 sheets value pack
Pansion K-158 White
10 sheets / 200 sheets value pack
Pansion K-512 Bright beige
10 sheets / 200 sheets value pack

Sized (internal sizing / surface sizing)
Inshu Kozo Sized
Echizen Hanga Paper Thick Sized
Echizen Hanga Paper Medium Sized
Mino Usumino Half-size Sized
Mino Usumino Quarter-sze Sized

Echizen Housho (Ohbousho)
Echizen Hanga Paper Medium
Tosa Seichosen / Seicho-shi Homare
Tosa Seichosen Zenshi
Tosa Seichosen 2 x 6
Roll Papers for Woodblock Printing
Papers available in 100m wide. Those papers are sold by the meter. Recommended for large scale works.

Shinpu Hanga Roll Haini Kozo Usukuchi
Shinpu Hanga Roll Honkusa #2
Shinpu Hanga Roll Kozo #1
Echizen MM Torinoko White
Echizen MM Torinoko Beige
Echizen Torinoko #4 3 x 6
Shintorinoko White 3 x 6
Shintorinoko Cream color 3 x 6
Gampi paper

Shinpu Sarashi Gampi Roll
Shinpu Haini Gampi Roll Usukuchi
Shinpu Haini Gampi Roll Medium
Tosa Usuyo Gampi roll White 10m
Tosa Usuyo Gampi roll Natural 10m
Gampi paper

Tosa Usuyo Gampi Natural
Tosa Usuyo Gampi White
Ohmi Gampi Gokuusu

Gampi with backing
Tosa Hyoumen Gampi White
Tosa Hyoumen Gampi Natural

Gampi over 10g/m2
Echizen Hishi (Gampi and Kozo) #3
Echizen Gampi #5 Natural
Echizen Gampi Shitsujun #6


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