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Monde Selection Gold Award

This award is not an arrival point for us . Our goal is the thing to get your satisfaction in more customers . While firmly the tradition of making inherited by 've Castellammare that until today , we challenged boldly to new things , we will continue to deliver the " happiness " to the customer through the color . That is our mission .

We received a variety of awards in the Rakuten Ichiba

We received a variety of awards in the Rakuten Ichiba


[テレビ番組]ヒルナンデス/スッキリ!!/笑ってコラえて! [雑誌]CanCam/ESSE

[テレビ番組]ヒルナンデス/スッキリ!!/笑ってコラえて! [雑誌]CC/ESSE



The head office

595-19 Kogashima Town Omura City Nagasaki 856-0817

Shop Phone Number:+81-957-50-0111
Shop Fax Number:+81-957-52-0999

3 minutes by car from Nagasaki Airport
10 minutes by car from Nagasaki Expressway Omura IC


The Sonogi Shop

13-1 Higashisonogi Town mine City Nagasaki 859-3806

Shop Phone Number:+81-957-46-0450
Shop Fax Number:+81-957-46-0640

Nagasaki motorway the tricks IC doorstep
20 minutes by car from Huis Ten Bosch Ureshino Onsen


Airport shop and factory

809 Kyowa Town Omura City Nagasaki 856-0820

Shop Phone Number:+81-957-53-5540
Shop Fax Number:+81-957-54-1627

3 minutes by car from Nagasaki Airport
5 minutes by car from the Nagasaki Expressway Omura IC


中島 潤一 (なかしま じゅんいち)

Rakuten branch manager

Junichi Nakashima

I am Nakashima Rakuten branch manager . Thank you for choosing this site from the site that deals with the sponge cake with a number . A sponge cake that is to eat in peace for children , will deliver from home in Nagasaki .


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