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PLUS PURE VC25 10 mL 【about 1 month 】 (amphiphilic pure vitamin C 25%)

PLUS PURE VC25  10 mL 【about 1 month 】 (amphiphilic pure vitamin C 25%)
  • PLUS PURE VC25  10 mL 【about 1 month 】 (amphiphilic pure vitamin C 25%)
  • PLUS PURE VC25  10 mL 【about 1 month 】 (amphiphilic pure vitamin C 25%)
  • PLUS PURE VC25  10 mL 【about 1 month 】 (amphiphilic pure vitamin C 25%)
  • PLUS PURE VC25  10 mL 【about 1 month 】 (amphiphilic pure vitamin C 25%)
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プラスピュアVC美容液シリーズ 初心者向けVC10 プラスピュアVC25ミニ プラスピュアVC25ミニ

プラスピュアVC美容液シリーズ 初心者向けVC10 プラスピュアVC25ミニ プラスピュアVC25ミニ
Because it is shipped overseas, so the order can not be canceled after delivery, if you must cancel the order under the circumstances, the need to pay the freight. Then we will try to do the packaging carefully, as overseas shipments, sometimes there will be inevitable deformation, once we are not responsible for compensation. After the parcel reach the destination country, customs may import duties and tariffs. These taxes must be paid by the parcel recipient. Please pay import taxes.

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Product name

PLUS PURE VC25 (10 mL) about 1 month

Features New drop to your skin.
High concentration of 25% compounded, pure vitamin C serums, to the perfectly clear skin.
PLUS PURE VC25 is the essence of 25% pure vitamin C was made using a-PVC design for your own. A-PVC design is by adopting the solvent the amphiphilic, pure vitamin C brings skin back to direct. Thoroughly stick to the pure, pursued a kindness.
[Preservative-free, high quality alcohol-free, ethanol-free, coloring-free]

[Enzyme facial wash SOAP is recommended]
By cleansing in our shop of enzyme wash "plus powder soap EN", it will increase further penetration of Essence.
※ During your use of the PLUS PURE VC25, always sunscreen should also be used in combination. (You do not need before you go to bed)
How to use Trim and toning skin after washing your face, take an appropriate amount (3 to 4 drops for the entire face) in the Palm of your hand, face, or gently in the Center area.
Was replaced with a cap that came with dropper, please use directly as a dropper with a cap.
Ingredients Methylpyrrolidone, ascorbic acid, butyrolactones, diglycerin, BG, PG, glycerin, peg-8, orange peel oil, lavender oil
Before you use You may not fit the skin in use for the first time, very rarely. Before use please make sure the patch.
-How to patch
24-hour look at how a small amount of paint on the inside of the arm. Please use if redness and itching at the application site to please do not.
Notes on use Those * Atopic Dermatitis, Keloids structure, skin inflammation, have other skin disorders consult your doctor on the use. If you have sensitive skin condition (by peeling or seasonal), please refrain from using.
* Discontinue use if not suitable for skin redness, itching, and near of it is recommended to see a doctor in the specialized agencies.
* Sores, rashes, eczema, rashes and not to be used to have. Also note avoiding eyes. Use it for purposes other than the original to do not.
Storage and handling precautions After opening the package use approximately one month. Close the CAP tightly after use and keep in a cool and dry place where not exposed to direct sunlight, high temperature and humid. Keep out of children's reach.Once the contents of which were out of the container, there is a risk of deterioration and return to the vessel.
Container-syringe is made of glass. Please be careful when handling.
Category Cosmetics
Vendor Capital beauty japan co., Ltd.
Country of manufacture Japan
Ads responsibility Capital beauty japan co., Ltd. (Plus Kirei) / 0120-946-032

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