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How to order something that is not in stock?

Please e-mail us to check stock in manufuctring company!
 If you can't find products in our store, how can I order online?

Please e-mail us now!
Time for great savings!!
We are willing to find and check!


Business Hour


We close at Sunday,
National holiday in



We have been running a store 45 years in Tokyo, Japan,
Our policy starts “save money as much as you can” and it will be long forever!
Recently, Japanese glasses are focused on worldwide customers because of the high quality itself.
We hope that customers all over the world will be enjoyed and satisfied by buying from us
both“Japanese quality itself” and “good deal”.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon!


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Megane no HIRATA(HIRATA optical shop)
Store maneger Keitaro Hirata
5-22-8 Shiba,Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-0014 Japan
Quesions and Inquiry are welcomed any time!