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[1 Box 10pcs]  1day
¥ 1,598
[1 Box 6pcs]  2week
Ruthchiffon ZERU
¥ 1,998
[1 Box 6pcs]  2week
Barbie by PienAge
¥ 2,160
[1 Box 10pcs]  1day
Pienage Luxe
¥ 1,944
2Boxes(1 Box 1pcs) 1month
Eye Genic
¥ 2,160
2Boxes(1 Box 1pcs) 1month
Miche Bloomin
¥ 2,549
[1 Box 10pcs]  1day
Eye coffret 1day UV
¥ 1,000
[1 Box 6pcs]  2week
ARTIRAL Superior 2week
¥ 1,998
[1 Box 10pcs]  1day
Chipi 1day
¥ 1,728
[1 Box 10pcs]  1day
¥ 1,836
[1 Box 2pcs]  1month
¥ 1,620
[1 Box 10pcs]  1day
¥ 1,782
[1 Box 2pcs]  1month
¥ 1,944
[1 Box 10pcs]  1Day
¥ 1,836
[1 Box 10pcs]  1Day
Pruly Hello Sunshine
¥ 1,728
[1 Box 10pcs]  1Day
Dope Wink
¥ 1,674
[1 Box 10pcs]  1Day
¥ 1,620
[1 Box 10pcs]  1Day
¥ 1,296


Daily Disposal Colored Contact Lens DIA14.2mm/14.4mm

loveil [1 Box 30 pcs] / Daily Disposal 1Day Disposable Colored Contact Lens DIA14.2mm/14.4mm

loveil [1 Box 30 pcs] / Daily Disposal 1Day Disposable Colored Contact Lens DIA14.2mm/14.4mm
  • loveil [1 Box 30 pcs] / Daily Disposal 1Day Disposable Colored Contact Lens DIA14.2mm/14.4mm
  • loveil [1 Box 30 pcs] / Daily Disposal 1Day Disposable Colored Contact Lens DIA14.2mm/14.4mm
  • loveil [1 Box 30 pcs] / Daily Disposal 1Day Disposable Colored Contact Lens DIA14.2mm/14.4mm
15X 포인트! 구매 후 포인트495적립!
$ 30.62 (¥ 3,373)
실제 가격은 환율에 따라 다를 수 있습니다.
결제시점의 환율(엔화)로 결제됩니다
[8.6] /8.9
장바구니에 추가하기 전에 옵션을 선택하세요.
배송 옵션: 세부 정보
일본 우체국EMS(국제특급우편), JPPost SAL (3-5weeks) (exc. AUS,CAN,DEU,TWN,FRA)
결제 방법: 세부 정보
신용카드, 페이팔, 알리페이

제품 정보

상품 이미지에 사은품에 관하여 기재가 되여 있어도 해외 판매시에는 상품만 판매하고 사은품은 포함하지 않으므로 양해 바랍니다.

수취 국가에서 세관 신고시 관세와 수입 세금, 통관 수수료가 부과 될 수 있습니다.
그 때는, 수취인 부담되므로 직접 배송업자 또는 세관에 지불해야합니다.

세금 및 관세에 관해서는 국가마다 다르므로 자세한 내용은 수취 국가의 세관에 문의하시기 바랍니다.
양해 바랍니다.

倖田來未デザインプロデュース ワンデーカラコン ラヴェール(loveil)
倖田來未デザインプロデュース シアーヘーゼル ミッドナイトアンバー
シルキーベージュ クチュールブラウン
ブラウンミラージュ アッシュグレージュ
The debut of the long-awaited 3 new colors!
Design produced by Kumi Koda
「Sheer Hazel」, 「Brown Mirage」, 「Ash Grege」
Midnight Umber, Silky Beige, Couture Brown are also available!

Product name: loveil Aqua Ritch
Medical device approval number: 22400BZX00422A02

Product name: loveil
Medical device approval number: 22300BZX00212A06

Color: Sheer Hazel (Design produced by Kumi Koda), Brown Mirage, Ash Grege, Midnight Umber (Design produced by Kumi Koda), Silky Beige, Couture Brown

■ Packaging : 30 lens / box
■ Replacement: Daily disposable
■ BC:8.6mm
■ DIA:14.2mm
■ Power : ± 0.00
-0.75-step-5.00 (0.25D steps)
-5.00-step-8.00 (0.50 steps)
■ Sales license for highly advanced controlled medical devices : No. 4501131000010

[Compliance Rules in Purchase of Contact Lens]
-Contact Lens is classified as a specially controlled medical device. Please make sure safe handling and proper use.
- It is strongly recommended that you ask your eye care practitioner for eye test and a prescription, and also talk about healthy contact lens wear and care.
-Please visit your eye care practitioner in neighborhood or where the prescription issued on a regular basis for eye examination.
-If you concern a eye trouble with contact lens, please stop wearing lens immediately and visit eye docter. 
-We will not take any responsibility in the medical care at all as a result of wearing contact lenses.
-Please confirm the observance of contact lens wear and keep your eyes healthy.

Ads responsibility Cosmoplan co., Ltd.
Vendor T-Garden co., Ltd.
Category Manufactured Overseas
Highly advanced controlled medical devices
 We conduct the compliance system based on the revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. (a qualification of Sales and leasing permit for specially controlled medical devices and of  "Manager", also passed construction equipment standards inspection of medical equipment sales)

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최근 본 상품

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배송 옵션

일본 우체국EMS(국제특급우편), JPPost SAL (3-5weeks) (exc. AUS,CAN,DEU,TWN,FRA)

일본 우체국EMS(국제특급우편) 고객님께서 주문하신 상품은 일본 우체국의EMS(국제특급우편)를 통해 발송될 예정입니다. EMS는 전세계(120개국이상) 우체국 간에 특별 우편운송망을 통해 빠르고 안전하게 우편물을 배달할 수 있습니다. 그리고 고객님은 국제적으로 연결된 전산망을 통해 고객님께서 주문하신 상품의 배송상황을 조회할 수 있으며 1주일내에 배송될 것입니다. 예상 배송비 보기
JPPost SAL (3-5weeks) (exc. AUS,CAN,DEU,TWN,FRA)

SAL (Economy Air) is the delivery service which is cheaper than EMS.

It takes about 3 to 5 weeks to be delivered.(refer to JP POST HP).

If you select “SAL”, we pay for the shipping fee only when the parcel weighs less than 500g. However, we charge (410JPY) for tracking system option.

*NOTE - SAL tracking system-*
It takes 1 to 3weeks for the delivery status to be reflected on HP which means it cannot be checked timely.

However, there are countries which cannot track on HP. (Please check the chart below)

Area Weeks required to reflect the delivery status on HP(approximately) Available countries to track delivery status Experimental country to track delivery status
Asia 2~3 weeks Singapore, China, HongKong, Indonesia  
Oceania 1~2 weeks New Zealand  
North and Central America 2~3 weeks   United States of America
Middle and Near East   Turkey
Europe Nederland, , Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden United Kingdom
South America   Argentina
Africa   Egypt

**Please note that even if you chose SAL on the order form, when your parcel weighs more than 500g and/or your shipping countries don’t cover SAL service, we will change the delivery service to EMS instead.

*NOTE* -The following countries don’t cover SAL(Economy Air)-
* Australia, Germany, Taiwan, Macau、Canada


We do not accept any inquiries about delivery status once it ships out of Japan.
(Please contact directly to your neighbor post office with your tracking number)
Also, We cannot accept inquiries about compensation because any damages and losses CANNOT GUARANTEE.
If you don’t agree to the above, please select EMS delivery service instead.

Please see the estimated items weight for your reference.

<Reference Weight of items>
10 lens/ BOX---40~50g
12 lens/ BOX---60~90g
20 lens/ BOX---60~70g
30lens/ BOX---80~120g
Monthly Lens---40~70g(2 boxes)
Packing Box---150g


결제 방법

사용 가능한 결제 방법

  • 신용카드
  • 페이팔
  • 알리페이


신용카드, PayPal, Alipay

신용카드 신용카드 또는 체크카드 결제가 가능합니다.
이용 가능한 신용카드/체크카드 :
•American Express

If your credit card payment is not able to authorize the transaction, we will contact you and request payment change to Alipay or Paypal.
PayPal PayPal(페이팔) 결제가 가능합니다. 주문확인 메일을 받으신 후, 페이팔 결제를 진행해 주세요.
*메일에 기제된 기한까지 페이팔 결제가 확인되지 않을 경우, 주문은 자동적으로 취소됩니다.
Alipay We will send you a link in a separate email for a payment via Alipay’s secure payment page.
You need to complete the payment process before the deadline to complete your order.

*We will ship after the payment is settled.

When we're unable to confirm the receipt of your payment within 10 days, it becomes the cancellation automatically.

Please check the payment process from the link here.
PC: https://global.rakuten.com/en/help/payment/alipay_mobile.html
Mobile/Smartphone: https://global.rakuten.com/en/help/payment/alipay_pc.html


반품 정책

In case your parcel returns to our ship due to Non-claimed, Incomplete address, etc., we can ship again or cancel it as your request. 

In case of cancellation, the original shipping fee is NOT refundable. 
In case of reshipment, additional shipping cost is charged via PayPal.

A Defective Product

- We will not accept any claims about a defective product even it is for initial defects.

Change of Order

- We will not accept any changes and/or cancellation of your order after we receive the order. 

- We do not accept any request for cancellation of order, exchange of goods and the refund of the payment after the shipment completion.

- We will not do the wrapping service for present.

About Customs, Duties & Taxes

Orders shipped outside of JAPAN may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees imposed by the destination country. (LOOOK cannot predict its possibility.)
These charges are the customer’s responsibility.

Customs policies vary widely depending on country; you should check with your country’s customs office to determine these additional costs will be prior to purchasing.
When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.


-Please fill out your information such as the delivery address in English alphabet to avoid garbled characters.

- This is based on individual transboundary e-commerce transaction for personal use, so that a bulk order may be regarded as a reseller and be declined.

- There are no returns under any circumstances.

About Delivery
-All the shipment is arranged by EMS (Express Mail Service)/or SAL (Economy AIR) by Japan Post.

- Please understand we do not accept the designation on the delivery supplier except EMS and SAL.

- We don’t accept inquiries for the date and time of arrival.

- The arrival date is estimated to be approximately within 7 days(by EMS)/or 3 to 5 weeks(by SAL) after the shipment,
but there will be delays depending on a traffic situation or a state of affairs in each country/city.


The postage shall depend on the destination and the weight of the parcel.
We calculate the postage and inform you on the confirmation email we send on Step 2.

Even if you chose SAL(Economy AIR), your parcel weight more than 500g, we will change to EMS.
(SAL is applied only less than 500g)

Coverd Countries (refer to JP POST HP).

- Orders made after May 31st, 2016(JST) are applied to revised EMS postage.



해외배송 불가 상품

해당 상품은 현재 Us 미국으로 배송되지않도록 설정되어있습니다.

자세한 사항은 판매자에게 문의하여주십시오.


국제배송요율 : EMS(국제특급우편)

직송 상품만 보기
배송 옵션
주의: 환율은 참고치로 계산되오니 양해부탁드립니다