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[Important Notice] To the customer that send the goods to Australia.

To the customer that send the goods to Australia;

From 1st July 2018, Australia's A New Tax System Act has been in effect.
The Australian Goods & Service Tax (GST) apply to low value imported goods by consumers into Australia. Due to this tax, we charge 10% GST as follow.

(1) Items valued at AU$1,000 or less;
We charge 10% for items, carton charge and shipping fee.

(2) Items valued at over AU$1,000;
Thank you for your kind understanding.We charge 10% for carton charge and shipping fee. The GST 10% against items will be charged by Delivery Company upon delivery.

*Furthermore, whether or not items exceed AU$1,000 will be decided based on our rate of exchange.
* This is only against the import consumption tax. When postal items are sent to and received from abroad, you may be subjected to customs duty. Additionally, the postal entity of the destination country may charge customs clearance fee.

Regarding the GST, please refer to the following page for the details.


Thank you for your kind understanding.

5th February 2019, Le-Noble .

Re: Announcement of (1) Reduced Per Carton Cost & Additional charge for the change and (2)Customs clearance for an international package, applied from March 31, 2017.

Dear Customers

Thank you very much for your continuous shopping at Le-Noble online store.

We basically use EMS of post office for overseas shipping.
After we receive orders from you, we pack the goods and measure the outer carton,
then, we inform you the acutual shipping fee by email.

And all charges are down below

① Per Carton Cost

We charge “Per Carton Cost” in addition to the shipping charge which ship the goods outside Japan from March 30th 2017, 16:00 in Japanese time.
And we additional charge you 1,000 JP yen per 1 change, in case you would like to change the order/packing details after our notification of shipping fee. (Change includes cancellation.)


Per Carton Cost
500 JPYen per every carton

Additional Charge
1,000 JPYen per every change or cancellation

* "Per Carton Cost" is excluded which shipment in Japan.
* Please confirm the total amount by our e-mail which is sent the shipping charge information. (In case several orders are packed in 1 carton, we charge to either one order.)

② Cusoms Clearance

Japan Post will require a fee for customs clearance to an international package which value exceeds 200,000JPY, from April 1st 2017.
So we will charge “customs clearance fee” in addition to the shipping charge as follows.

For over sea’s
which contents value
exceed 200,000JPY 
2,800JPY / per package(*1)
*Regardless of the number of
items contained in the package(*2)

(*1)You are exempted from paying tax on fees for import or export declarations.
(*2)The number of items refer to the number of columns as set forth in the Basic Notice 18-1 of the Customs Business Act.

Intended order
The order for overseas shipment
*The shipment in Japan is excluded.

Application start date
From March 31st, 2017 16:00 in Japanese time.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Le-noble Online Shop


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■Return and Refund

In case of return the goods for customer’s reason,the shipping charge for return is subject to customer’s responsibility.After we receive the goods trouble-free condition, we will refund your order. However we have to deduct all extra fees (insurance, packing and shipping fee) we paid for deliver your order. In addition we will deduct insurance for return and tax fee when customs of return. (In case of return for a part of the goods, the expenses taken only for the return goods is calculated by ratio of the unit price.)