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We established our company in 1916, in Yamagata, Hiroshima and have been making Tatami since then, now for one hundred years. In order to preserve this beautiful Tatami culture, we are dedicated as one and very humble for our duty.

We appreciate it if you understand culture of Tatami. In addition, our Tatami is used at a great hotel called Iwasou where G7 summit was held in 2016 in Miyajima, Hiroshima.


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Tatami is an original Japanese culture. The root is from a rug made by grass as it was reffered to in Kojiki, the oldest Japanese extant chronicle published in 712. Since 794, it had been used for sleep first and then spread into the whole rooms. At that time, tatami was only used by the Samurais and aristocracies who are in a very high hierarchy.