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중고 C랭크(플렉스 R) 핀 G30 5 W TFC 390(페어 웨이) R남성용 오른손잡이 페어 웨이 우드 FW

$118.25 (¥ 12,578)*



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G30 5W


中古 Cランク (フレックスR) ピン G30_5W TFC_390(フェアウェイ) R 男性用 右利き フェアウェイウッド FW 中古 Cランク (フレックスR) ピン G30_5W TFC_390(フェアウェイ) R 男性用 右利き フェアウェイウッド FW2
中古 Cランク (フレックスR) ピン G30_5W TFC_390(フェアウェイ) R 男性用 右利き フェアウェイウッド FW3 中古 Cランク (フレックスR) ピン G30_5W TFC_390(フェアウェイ) R 男性用 右利き フェアウェイウッド FW4
中古 Cランク (フレックスR) ピン G30_5W TFC_390(フェアウェイ) R 男性用 右利き フェアウェイウッド FW5 中古 Cランク (フレックスR) ピン G30_5W TFC_390(フェアウェイ) R 男性用 右利き フェアウェイウッド FW6




■타입 남성용
■수완가 오른손잡이
■상품 코드 2100233189386
■클럽 종별 페어 웨이 우드
G30 5 W
■발매년 2014
■샤프트 TFC 390(페어 웨이)
■샤프트 재질 카본
■메이커 플렉스 R
■플렉스 R
■클럽 세트 편성
■클럽 세트 갯수 0
■클럽 세트 부족 갯수 0
■클럽 세트 지츠모토수 0
■종합 랭크 C  (랭크에 대해)
■상처 상태:헤드 상부 C
■상처 상태:페이스 C
■상처 상태:헤드 하부 C
■상처 상태:샤프트 B
■상처 상태:그립 오리지날 양호
■상처 상태:헤드 커버 순정품(보통)
■사정 특기・상품 상태

—점포 정보—

■점포명 뷔크트리아 골프 이온 조시점
■주소 지바현
조시시 미사키초2-2660-1
이온 조시 송히˚크″센터 1 F
■전화 번호 0479-20-6331

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Return/Cancellation Policy

We cannot accept any cancellations or returns for all pruchased items.

・Unless otherwise stated, most of our merchandise is secondhand.
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・Due to the nature of second hand goods, we cannot describe you precisely the condition of the product.
There may be tiny scratches on the surface of the items which could not be counted and described as damages.
All deals between us and customers are made by the agreement on terms and conditions, including the above and the all information on this webpage.

・We cannot accept returns that are due to the following reasons.

Wrong Impression/Slight differences in assesment and conditions.
Descriptions are subjective and impression may vary from person to person.
We proceed manually to the evaluation of the used goods one by one. However during this operation, we might miss a few small scratches, abrasion and degradation.

Absence and/or difference in attachments and accessories.
We list the attachments and accessories of the merchandise just as they arrived to us.
The attachments and accessories of our merchandise may differ from the ones from the official store or an authorized dealer.

Repairs, Remodeling, Remakes and Differences in parts.
The items may include different parts from the original conditions.
The items may be repaired, Remodeling, reformed or remade from the original conditions.

・Please feel free to contact us in advance by Email for any questions about our merchandise before making any purchase.



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