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Glanage is an official website of NAIGAI Co.,Ltd.

With over 90 years’ experience of sales and manufacturing of socks, pantyhose, leg wear and inner wear, we provide professional service and high quality of products.
Besides strong back-up of knowlegde in socks and inners, our staffs are young, positive and energetic, willing to look for better goods to provide you the latest trendy apparel accessories for variety of stylings. 

naigai-department-store Feels secure when shopping with glanage

All products listed in glanage shop are exactly the same goods being displayed in Japanese department stores. Formally we share the same stock with “Ready-to-deliver” goods to department stores. Japanese department stores are extremely strict in quality control, ALL of our products had been going through 100% inspection, in order to get onto their shelves.

One of the concerns that customer feels unsecure to shop in foreign online store is “Defective”, it is complicated and time consuming if returning the goods.
However, if those goods are “Japanese Department Store” quality, in which the defective rate is extremely small, customer can enjoy shopping with those foreign online stores without any worries about defective.