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It is necessary to acquire PC(Phytosanitary Certificate) of an exporting country for export of a seed, and to attach to a package.
5700yen are charged as acquisition cost of PC. (It includes in a mailing cost)

---An order from PC acquisition to shipment. ---

1. The check of the import conditions of an export place country.
     (3-7days are required for this check.) .
     (Import may be forbidden according to the conditions of an export place country)

2. Payment by a credit card.
     (Seed bill + mailing cost +PC acquisition cost (it includes in a mailing cost))

3. Quarantine inspection before export.
     (This inspection is needed for 3-14 days with the conditions of an export place country.)

4. Acquisition of a PC.
     (Quarantine inspection is completed and it acquires in 1-3days)

5. Shipment.
     (3-14days are required by arrival.)