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We're treating the goods produced by high Japanese technology.


TOYOTA Group Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (Japan)
For more than 60 years, AISIN has been focused on offering its customers “a more comfortable living environment.” That translates into the development of products as diverse as home.

And Now!! FINE REVO Relaxation series♪
The special original material"FINE REVO", which has the durability of 30 years, would make you relax.

【Hip care cushion】
The comfortable seating

A stress in the back is freed.

【nap pillow】
to have the best nap

Asleep series
【Super flex fit pillow】
7 FINE REVO+adjusting(2 stages)

Asleep series
【Super flex fit pillow】
7 FINE REVO+adjusting(3 stages)

Asleep series
【Super flex fit pillow】
highly type.11 FINE REVO+adjusting(4 stages)

Driving series
【Comfort cushion】
Comfortable driving, even if long time

Driving series
【Comfort mattress】
Comfortable sleep in the car


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