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배럴, TIGA, Fusion, 댐 댐

배럴 TIGA Fusion DUMDUM V2 댐 댐 V2 (포스트 편 불가)

구매 후 포인트 192 적립! 포인트란?
$ 179.46 (¥ 19,200)
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일본 우체국EMS(국제특급우편), 일본 우체국의 소형포장물, FedEx
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' 주의 '
이 쪽의 상품은 예약 상품 이며, 2016 년 6 월 3 일 (금) 발매 예정입니다.
배송 상품 입 하 이후 됩니다 다른 상품과 동시에 구입 하시는 경우 주의 부탁 드립니다.
급한 분은 별도로 주문 하는 것을 권장 합니다.

배럴 TIGA Fusion DUMDUM V2 댐 댐 V2 보리스 カリチュマーモデル (포스트 편 불가)
소프트 다트 세계 선수권 대회 2 년 연속 챔피언, 보리스 カリチュマーモデル.
굵은 배럴 직경에 가기를 배럴 전역에 배치 하 고 높은 그립 력과 앞 중심에 높은 배럴 속도를 실현.
전용 나무 박스.

【 사양 】
Max Dia. 7.0mm
Length 46.0mm
배럴 단위 무게 16.5 g

Boris Krcmar 보리스 カリチュマー 선수
크로아티아 출신
키 2m의 장신에서 낸 강력한 다트에 다양 한 타이틀을 점령.
과거에는 선수로 힘든 운동에 耐え抜い 단련 된 육체와 정신 력으로 세계 최고의 플레이어와 싸울.
SOFT DARTS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2014 년, 2015 년 2 년 연속 플레이 챔피언.
최근에 행해진 USA STAGE1 에서도 승리 하 고 길 조 시작, 3 년 연속 챔피언을 노린다.

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일본 우체국EMS(국제특급우편), 일본 우체국의 소형포장물, FedEx

일본 우체국EMS(국제특급우편) 고객님께서 주문하신 상품은 일본 우체국의EMS(국제특급우편)를 통해 발송될 예정입니다. EMS는 전세계(120개국이상) 우체국 간에 특별 우편운송망을 통해 빠르고 안전하게 우편물을 배달할 수 있습니다. 그리고 고객님은 국제적으로 연결된 전산망을 통해 고객님께서 주문하신 상품의 배송상황을 조회할 수 있으며 1주일내에 배송될 것입니다. 예상 배송비 보기
일본 우체국의 소형포장물 고객님께서 주문하신 상품은 일본 우체국의 소형포장물을 통해 배송될 예정입니다. 소형 물품(최대 2kg까지)을 EMS(국제특급우편)나 소포보다 저렴하게 보낼 수 있습니다. 소형포장물은 EMS처럼 추적&화물보험(별도가입필요)이 포함되어 있지 않지만 해외배송에 있어서 저렴하고 경제적인 방법입니다. 목적지에 따라, 배송기간은 상이합니다.
FedEx Your order will be shipped to you via FedEx, an international shipping company providing fast and reliable express delivery & air freight services to more than 220 countries and territories. FedEx Express uses a global air-and-ground network for speed delivery of time-sensitive shipments, by a definite time and date with a money-back guarantee subject to relevant terms and conditions.

Please note:
◆International out of delivery areas will incure surchages.
◆Shipping rate for items weighing more than 1kg is based on the package dimensions as well.  

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신용카드, PayPal


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•American Express




ペイパル( 페 이 팔 ) 결 제 가 가 능 합 니 다 。주 문 확 인 메 일 을 받 으 신 후 、 페 이 팔 결 제 를 진 행 해 주 세 요 。
유 의 사 항
* 메 일 에 기 제 된 기 한 까 지 페 이 팔 결 제 가 확 인 되 지 않 을 경 우 、 주 문 은 자 동 적 으 로 취 소 됩 니 다 。

반품 정책

- Any return or refund will not be accepted after order is sent.

- We will not be responsible for any damages or losses occurred during the delivery.

- Please check your clothing items (size & color etc) carefully as we do not accept returns or refunds or exchanges once order is sent. 

- The products may differ from image shown and is subject to change by the manufacturer without notice. We ask for your kind understanding.

- Any and all import or duty taxes are the responsibility of the customer. Please check with your import office in your country.

- Please note that the consumption tax is charged as a handling fee for international shipping.

Our Order Process

1. PLACE ORDER online and confirm all details.

2. JAPANESE EMAIL SENT - IGNORE: Once your order is confirmed you will first receive a confirmation email in JAPANESE- you can ignore this!

3. ENGLISH EMAIL SENT: Another confirmation email in English will be sent summarising your order.

4. ORDER PACKED & SHIPPING FEE CALCULATED: Once we receive your order through our system, we will pack your order and calculate your shipping fee usually dependent on weight.

5. CUSTOMER CONTACTED AND SENT SHIPPING FEE: We will email each customer confirming their specific shipping fee for their order and location.

6. CREDIT CARD- CUSTOMER REQUIRED TO REPLY: If the customer chooses the CREDIT CARD OPTION, the customer is requested to reply to our shipping cost email to give us the OK.

7. PAYPAL- COMPLETE PAYMENT via LINK SENT: If customer chooses PAYPAL, the customer will be sent a link via rakuten after we have calculated the shipping costs. Customer is required to follow the link and instructions on the email sent to complete payment.

8. PAYMENT CLEARED- PARCEL SHIPPED: Once payment has cleared either through PAYPAL or by charging the credit card, we will ship your order. (We will only charge your credit for the total amount incl shipping costs, AFTER we receive an OK email from the customer. Please be aware if you do not reply to our email, we will not charge or ship your order out.)

10. CONFIRMATION EMAILS SENT x 2: Customer will receive 2 confirmation emails. One confirming payment cleared and two confirming shipment.

11. PARCEL TRACKING NUMBER: The shipment email will include a tracking number by which you can track your parcel via the shipping companys website.

PLEASE BE AWARE of the following: 
  • If credit card is chosen: Please beware that we often get declined cards during payment, mainly because most banks automatically reject foreign card purchases without prior notification from the customer, due to fraud prevention. If you think this may apply to you, please contact your bank in advance to let them know that a Japanese company will be charging your credit soon. It saves alot of hassle and email correspondance.
  • Generally we will confirm shipping costs on the same day the order is placed or the day after. ( If the order is received during working hours before 6pm on weekdays only, we are closed on weekends )
  • You can place an order as a guest or login into your Rakuten account. Rakuten account holders can collect points with each purchase. 1 point = 1 JPY. You can use points as money when making new orders.Rakuten account holders have the option to change payment method by themselves at any stage before payment is taken.
  • The search tool on our page is more effective when only 1 word is entered. Searching more than 1 word does not always work out well.
  • The customer is responsible for any customs tax charged on their parcel when it is processed in your country, so please be familiar with your own countrys laws/policies.
  • If you have any queries at all, feel free to write to us directly Email : rakuten@e-tito.jp
  • Shipping options are available from EMS, Fedex, E-pocket.  Insured amount differs to the shipping way. EMS- 20,000yen/ Fedex- $100US/ E-pocket- 6000yen. If you want to insure all your ordered items, please kindly ask. 

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