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당구 탭(BILLIARDS TIP) 탭 버팔로

당구 탭(BILLIARDS TIP)|당구 용품 탭 워터 버팔로

당구 탭(BILLIARDS TIP)|당구 용품 탭 워터 버팔로
구매 후 포인트 2 적립! 포인트란?
$ 2.69 (¥ 297)
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일본 우체국EMS(국제특급우편)
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일본 우체국EMS(국제특급우편)

일본 우체국EMS(국제특급우편) 고객님께서 주문하신 상품은 일본 우체국의EMS(국제특급우편)를 통해 발송될 예정입니다. EMS는 전세계(120개국이상) 우체국 간에 특별 우편운송망을 통해 빠르고 안전하게 우편물을 배달할 수 있습니다. 그리고 고객님은 국제적으로 연결된 전산망을 통해 고객님께서 주문하신 상품의 배송상황을 조회할 수 있으며 1주일내에 배송될 것입니다. 예상 배송비 보기

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신용카드 또는 체크카드 결제가 가능합니다.

이용 가능한 신용카드/체크카드 :



•American Express



반품 정책

Return, Refund, Exchange, Cancellation, Policy
We pay close attention to shipping items and to check product defects,
but if you receive a delivery with any defects, it is possible to exchange your item. However, if the cancellation request is received after your item has been shipped, we will process it under our standard return policy.

If you'd like to exchange or return an item from your order, please note the following points, and please contact us within 7 days after your item arrivals.

・We do not accept returns / exchanges due to customer's convenience at our store please order after careful consideration.
・If 7 days have gone by since you received item, unfortunately we cannot offer you an exchange or refund.
・Please note that the product picture may differ slightly from the actual product, items such as darts flights etc.
・Please note that the image, color, tone, etc. of the product shown on the website may differ slightly from the actual product.
・We are not able to return or exchange a damaged item that appear to have been used.
・If we cannot get any further reply from you, we are not able to process your return or exchange item.
・All returns / exchanges will only be available on our business days.

Return an Item
1. Once you've received an item, please be sure to check if you have received a wrong shipping item or a defect product.

2. If you received a wrong shipping item or a defect product, please inform us by email or telephone.
Please fill in the following details when you contact us by email.
・Registered Name
・Registered Telephone Number
・Order Number
・Reason for Return
※ If there is a stock shortage on a particular item, or if there is no replacement item, we will process your refund of the return item.

Cancel Items or Orders After Shipment

After shipping your ordering items if it is returned for the following reasons, please be aware that the cost of both shipping and returns will be charged.
・Change of mind or circumstances
・If you cannot return the item after 7 days from delivery.
・When the customer refused to accept delivery.

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해당 상품은 현재 상점에서 Us 미국 으로(로) 배송할 수 없는 상품입니다.

자세한 사항은 판매자에게 문의하여주십시오.


국제배송요율 : EMS(국제특급우편)

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