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FURLA(후르라) LINDA 린다 토트 백 라이트 블루 레더 804338

구매 후 포인트 368 적립! 포인트란?
$ 324.32 (¥ 36,800)
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LINDA リンダ トートバッグ
LINDA リンダ トートバッグ LINDA リンダ トートバッグ
LINDA リンダ トートバッグ LINDA リンダ トートバッグ
LINDA リンダ トートバッグ

상태 신품입니다
브랜드명 FURLA(후르라)
상품명 LINDA 린다 토트 백
상품품 차례 804338
칼라 라이트 블루
소재 레더
사이즈 약W34. 5×H25×D16. 5 cm/핸들의 길이 약 50 cm
포켓 외측/패스너×2 안쪽/오픈×2/패스너×2
부속품 보존봉투
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BRANDOFF Guidelines and Policy:

Shipment 1. Regular items (bags, wallets, etc) will be shipped via Japan Post's EMS.
2. Jwelries and watches will be shipped via FedEx.
Delivery 1. Your item will be shipped out within 3 business days after the purchase.
2. Items usually takes approximately 3-10 business days to be delivered.
3. Items could take a little longer to be delivered due to:
 a)Bad weathers
 b)Any events, such as holidays
 c)The delay at the customs office
4. We will provide the tracking number via e-mail after shipment.

1. Import duties, taxes, and other additional fees might be charged by your local customs.
 It is the buyers" responsibility to pay all of the taxes and any other fees.

 Brandoff is not responsible for any possible taxes or duties that might occur in your country.
 All of our items are not able to be marked as gifts on the shipping labels and on the invoices.

 If you have any questions about import duties or taxes, please contact
 the customs office in your country before you purchase or make an offer.

2. We are not able to mark items as gifts or decalre the items
 values lower than they are on the shipping labels and on the invoices
 due to the custom declaration laws.
Payments -We accept payments through Paypal, bank transfer, and Alipay.

-We accept payments through Paypal, bank transfer, and Alipay.

 Please make the payments through bank transfer or Alipay if you are purchasing items
 that are over 1,000,000 Yen (when exchanged into Yen), because Paypal Japan does not
 allow us to do transactions over this price due to laws.

-We will ship the items out within 3 business days after we confirm your payment.
Returns/Cancellation Policies We do not accept returns or exchanges.
Please feel free to ask questions before you purchase.

1. We sell our items on other websites and in our retail stores in Japan at the same time.
  If the item was sold out before your purchase, your order will be cancelled
  and a full refund will be issued immediately.

2. Authenticity: All our items are 100% genuine.
  We are a member of AACD (Association Against Counterfeit Producct Distribution),
  and we absolutely do not deal with any fake products.

  Please visit the website below for more information:


3. Buyers are able to request extra pictures of the item they purchased,
  and they also are able to cancel the order and get a full refund, before the shipment.

  -Please note that we are not able to accept returns, cancels, or refunds
  once the item is shipped out.

4. We are not able to accept returns, cancels, refunds, or exchanges for personal reasons.


  -All of the items will be checked twice before the shipment to make sure there are no
  errors on the descriptions, and the descriptions on the listings matches the condition
  of the actual items we ship out.

  Please make sure to read, and agree to our return policies before your purchase.
NOTE - Decription details:

1. Items' sizes are measured by ourselves, so a slight difference may occur
  between our measurements and the official sizes on the official websites.

2. The damages are described and shown (in the pictures) as much as possible,
  but we are not able to cover all of the damages on our items. We would like
  you to understand that they are listed with very low prices, and that even
  though we can"t cover all of the damages, we are trying our very best.

3. We describe the odors as accrate as possible upon our criteria.
  Some odors may not be considered as defects, depending on the materials.

4. We've taken many close up pictures and pictuers with different angles so you can
  see the authenticity of the items. Please note that colors of the items may look a
  little different than their real colors on the pictures,
  depending on the shooting environment.

5. We sometimes stuff the bags when we shoot them to take nicer pictures.

6. Please do not be afraid to send us messages if you saw errors on the listings.
  We will correct them as soon as possible.


1. We will be able to take extra pictures after your purchase. If you would like
  to see more pictures, please let us know via e-mail after the purchase.

2. We are able to relist items if they were still available at the time
  of your inquiry. Please let us know the item number of the item you were
  interested in, and we will check if the item is still available.

3. If there were obvious errors on the price (such as type-o) or
  on the description, there is a chance we cancel your order even if you
  have already made the payment, and re-list the item with the correct price and the description.
About Us Brand Off Co., Ltd.
2-5-17, Shinkanda
Kanazawa-City, Ishikawa, Japan

We have over 40 stores in major cities across Japan, 4 stores in Hong Kong, and 3 stores in Taiwan.

Management philosophy:

It is our strong belief that we contribute to the society through recycling business.

Our business helps people to pass on rare and valuable products from one owner to another.

The origin of the company name.

We named our company "Brand Off" on the basis of offering high-quality luxury brand products at
reasonable prices.

Management policies:

Satisfaction is our No. 1 Goal

1) Items
We want all of our customers to be satisfied with all of our items.
2) Customers
We want all the people who shop at Brand Off to be satisfied.
3) Community
We want local communities to be satisfied with what we do.
4) Employee
We want all of our employees and their family to be satisfied.

We buy items from individuals/other companies and offer them to their new owners.

These are our management policies.

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