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이용 항공편 폴리에스터는 않을 만큼 부드러운 감촉과 느낌 있는 남성 앙상블 기모노 ◎ 141210

남자 남자 용품 종합적 효과 (기모노와 리 세트) 재 상승 장비 S/M/L/LL/3L * 5 색상 (블랙/네이 비/그레이/차/녹색) 《 ssh20 》

라쿠텐 슈퍼포인트
구매 후 포인트 98 적립! 포인트란?
$ 89.73 (¥ 9,800)
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배송 옵션: 세부 정보
International Shipping via Japan Post
결제 옵션: 세부 정보
신용카드, PayPal, Alipay

제품 정보

【ポリエステル着物】メンズ 男物 TR307 アンサンブル(着物と羽織のセット) お仕立て上がり品 S/M/L/LL/3L ※5色展開(黒・紺・グレー・茶・緑)
【ポリエステル着物】メンズ 男物 TR307 アンサンブル(着物と羽織のセット) お仕立て上がり品 S/M/L/LL/3L ※5色展開(黒・紺・グレー・茶・緑)

※ 기모노 ・ 리 전용 상품입니다. 사진 襦袢 · 띠 · 겉 옷 끈은 포함 되지 않습니다.
풀 세트 상품은이 쪽 으로부터 구입할 수 있습니다.

【ポリエステル着物】メンズ 男物 TR307 アンサンブル(着物と羽織のセット) お仕立て上がり品 S/M/L/LL/3L ※5色展開(黒・紺・グレー・茶・緑)

こちらの商品は宅急便のみ対応 ◆이 쪽의 상품은 택배로만 배송 됩니다.
구입 화면으로 메일 편을 선택 하시 지 마십시오
유의 하시기 바랍니다.

상품 설명
소재 폴 리 에스텔 100%
크기 전신 길이 소매 길이 옷의 화장과
S 대략 140 약 49 대략 67
M 약 142 약 49 약 72
L 대략 146 대략 51 약 74
2L 약 151 약 53 약 76
3L 약 155 대략 55 대략 78

겉 옷
크기 전신 길이 소매 길이 옷의 화장과
S 대략 96 약 50 약 68
M 대략 100 약 50 대략 73
L 약 104 약 52 대략 75
2L 약 108 약 54 대략 77
3L 약 112 대략 56 약 79
원산 국 중국제
주의 화면상과 실물에서는 다소 색 상태가 달라 보이는 경우도 있습니다. 양해 바랍니다.
비고 폴 리 에스테는 않을 만큼 부드러운 감촉과 느낌 있는 남성 앙상블 기모노입니다.
묵 직 한 정통 생각의 질감.
색은 차분 하 고 입 기 쉬운 색조입니다.
가볍고 몸에 촉촉한 낯익은 처음 소매를 통한 순간부터 着慣れ 느낌으로 맵시 있게 입을 수 있습니다.
손질 쉬운 폴 리 에스테 르 소재.
가정에서 세탁이 가능 하므로, 비오는 날 이나 일상 용으로 부담 없이 착용 하실 수 있습니다.
※ 기모노 ・ 리 전용 상품입니다. 사진 襦袢 · 띠 · 겉 옷 끈은 포함 되지 않습니다.

풀 세트 상품은이 쪽 으로부터 구입할 수 있습니다.

최신 상품평 (3)

Excellent vendor - buy with confidence
Posted by So***** , 2017/04/19 19:40:08
Vendor answered emails quickly. Very fast shipping. Product colour was a bit different than screen, but kimono was well-made & looked almost like a real silk one. Very satisified with purchase.
Posted by 8h****** , 2015/05/25 15:22:18
受注番号:236009-20150523-0620155117 色や材質はwebで見た感じとほぼ一緒でした。 特に問題はありません。
Posted by de***** , 2015/04/30 11:12:03

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International Shipping via Japan Post

International Shipping via Japan Post
International Shipping via Japan Post

Thank you for your shopping with us Kimono Nagomiya.
Before checking out of your order, please carefully read the following guidance of the international Shipping.

[Shipping Option]  

Your packet is shipped via Japan Post's "e-packet" or "EMS".
*The best option with a lower price is set automatically at the time of its shipping.

[Shipping Schedule]

Your packet is shipped within 2 business days from the order date.
If you wish to cancel or update some order information, please request us at nagomiya-r@753ya.co.jp, within 24 hours from your order date.
Cancellation after shipment can not be accepted.

Notice: Japanese holidays term such as new year(From the end of DEC to the beginning of JAN), summer holiday(Mid of AUG), the shipping may need additional days to be completed.

[Shipping & Packing Fee]

The total amount including the shipping & packing fee is announced via e-mail after we receive your order. 
*The automatic confirmation mail by Rakuten Ichiba doesn't include the Shipping & packing fee. For checking your total amount, please refer to the e-mail from our shop.
*The shipping fee described on the shipping documents is just for the shipping, so it doesn't match with the fee we charge on your order. 

- The Extra Shipping Fee -
The shipping & packing fee may be increased in case that the total size and weight of your packet are over our standard packing size and weight.

In that case, we announce you the updated shipping & packing fee and total amount via e-mail again.
If it is not be authorized by you, please request us to cancel the order, within 5 days.
*If we don't find any reply from you in that term, your packet will be shipped automatically.


1) If you have any question, please email us at nagomiya-r@753ya.co.jp
DO NOT reply to the first automatic e-mail from Rakuten.
2) The tracking number is stated in the shipping note which you receive after your parcel shipped.

3) We DO NOT accept any request for illegal document issue, such as undervaluing on an invoice.


1) We only accept the payment by credit card, please use your own credit card. The order may be canceled if the name of card holder and purchaser do not much.
2) If we suspect the credit is misused, we may contact you (the buyer) to confirm details about the credit card. 

1) Returning or Exchanging after shipping is unacceptable. Please carefully read the product description before you check out your order. If you can't see something about the products, please ask us at nagomiya-r@753ya.co.jp

2) The Japanese consumption duty is charged on all order, as the commission charge of the international shipping.

3) Customs Duties and Import Duties may be charged on your items at the customs in your country. In that case, please pay that fee and tax to the delivery agents or customs office directly.

4) The import regulations are different in each county, to know more about it, please contact the customs of your country directly.

5) If your packet is overdue of the storage period, your packet may be returned to our shop from your country. In that case, we will refund only for the money paid for the item you ordered. (The shipping fee will be charged.)

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*메일에 기제된 기한까지 페이팔 결제가 확인되지 않을 경우, 주문은 자동적으로 취소됩니다.
Alipay The “Payment Amount” is calculated as below. 
“Payment Amount” = Product price total + shipping fee 
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You must finish the payment process before the deadline to complete your 
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반품 정책

Cancellation after shipment can not be accepted.Returns and exchanges cannot be made after purchase.
Japanese “WA” means, Friendship, Harmony, Cooperation, Peace and To have a sense of Happiness, called NAGOMI
Nagomiya Japan always do the best to create and provide the “WA” mind to the WORLD!

*Some products pages are still not translated collectlly.
If you don't see about the product, please ask us.




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