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We WELCOME Foreign Buyers
Shops with the [We WELCOME Foreign Buyers] logo have declared to providing courteous service for orders and inquiries received from outside of Japan.
1.For Inquiries
For questions to the shops, please contact from their Shop Information page.The Shop information page is provided in English.
Also, please feel free to contact these shops in English.They are willing to reply in English.
2. Other languages
Some stores are available to respond in other languages as well. Please check the Shop information page.
As for orders from outside of Japan, the conditions, payment method, shipping fee calculation, etc. may be different from those of domestic order. Please refer to the payment details on the Shop Information page.
Delivery Time
Most of these shops provide an estimate of delivery time. Please note that delivery time may change depending upon various conditions.
Consumption Tax
Products that will be shipped abroad may be exempt from taxes. For further details, please contact the store directly.

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