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Phantom's No.1 miracle limited stock! Goose bumps only shone brilliantly, even standing as premier No.1 Chablis!

Domaine, Moreau-Naudet, Chablis 2013

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Product Information

Domaine, Moreau-Naudet, Chablis 2013

Type White wine Size 750 ml
Production France Burgundy > Chablis
Contents 100% Chardonnay

Phantom [annual most excellent thin-sliced Buri] Pinnacle No.1 miracle limited edition is in stock now!
In France highest rating magazine thing [Chablis wine-of-the-year] the only winner of the goose also stands as highest No.1 Chablis!
[超o買i得shaburi 15 times indeed!!] " World's 50 best restaurants "in to the best 3-star restaurant crowned world No.1 restaurant 3 years in a row, defeating El Bulli"Norma"and the New York Jean-Georges list!
But all four cuvee [Reussite Exceptionelle standout success] to accomplish the feat!
All winning France national rating magazine raved about!
[Has an overwhelming quality!!] [Very large scale!!]
[Rich, glowing flava — is seems patted his mouth!!]
Its taste comes from extremely low yield, and very ripe fruit, very dense vibrant fruit and mineral plays a barrel and the lowest on artistic is the ultimate taste, not only in Burgundy go-getter!
[Domaine, Moreau-Naudet, Chablis 2013]

Domaine, Moreau-Naudet, Chablis 2013

Today, France top rated magazine, fine single though not elected, [[Chablis wine-of-the-year]] [annual most excellent thin-sliced Buri] to introduce the outrageous things only won, great, goose bumps stand highest No.1 Chablis! What with real France highest rating Magazine [lveyu-du-VA,-de-France] 2014 6-issue story, all four of the Domaine's cuvee is [Reussite Exceptionelle standout success] to achieved the feat! With only the highest rated very perfect be [annual best XI Avery] to such ridiculous Chablis, winning just 3080 Yen at rock-bottom, you can introduce it is! Moreover, this Chablis is already worldwide celebrity and guru method to "blink of an eye, the jaw-dropping cost buzz,.... Noma Norma (Denmark/copempergen)-3 stars-star ★ ★ ★ Jean Georges Jean Georges (New York City) 3 star ★ ★ ★ Astrance astrance (16th arrondissement of Paris) Paris-3 star ★ ★ ★ Pierre Gagnaire Pierre Garnier (Paris 8) 3 star ★ ★ ★ Arpege ARPEGE (Paris) Paris-3 star ★ ★ ★ Le In the "Norma" Denmark Grand Vefour Grand vefour (Paris 1) 2 star ★ ★ Apicius Apicius (Paris 8) 2 star ★ ★ Taillevent Taillevent (8th arrondissement) 2 star ★ ★ Lasserre la (8th arrondissement) 2 star star ★ ★.... Indeed, in "50 best restaurants in the world" El Bulli, defeating crowned world No.1 restaurant 3 years in a row, New York best 3-star restaurant Jean Georges on list, and any other Paris Michelin 3-star and 2-star restaurant to two great masters of Chablis, and a 50000 yen [ravenous], [Devis, and sorted list, [超o買i得shaburi 15 times indeed!!]?! And then, everything tasted! Playing comes from extremely low yield, and very ripe fruit, very dense vibrant fruit and mineral, its taste barrel, top on artistic is the ultimate taste, not only in Burgundy go-getter! Too less production and imports to Japan too few hundred only to introduce you can must I! Even [[Chablis wine-of-the-year]] [annual most excellent thin-sliced Buri] to shine, taste of the excitement on this occasion with plenty of rich and never miss, you can enjoy contact ladies versus Butlers I think!  The name is [Domaine, Moreau-Naudet, Chablis 2013]!
   We will introduce the first successful miraculously this wine imports, importer's passionate comments from. Vie de Mur, Patrick, pious, and Moreau-Naudet Alice et OLI...-and-consistency now in France as a new generation big three of Chablis overwhelming praise have received. Head in 2004, inherited the family Domaine Stefan model law Naudet said, we seek leading producer of white wines of Burgundy, who possesses all the qualities and the inheritance of the old trees were planted in an outstanding terroir. Moreau-Naudet wine was born from low yields and ripe fruit, one can find all of the best artistic Burgundy producers is their individuality. Said affected Devis, tilling fields, organic, hand-picked harvest, wild yeast fermentation, fining natural, and whole grain squeeze, do it slowly over about 4 hours, and average age between 35 and 50 years old tree pane principal's Domaine terroir significantly great things, notable is done thoroughly selected grape harvest grapes to négociants sold off half of the Domaine high standards to meet only a limited number of 元詰 wine. While being a young Paris-3 stars, 2 stars restaurant, of course, to the world's best restaurant in Denmark "Norma" video has been to enlist. Now, Chablis, the hottest young & innovation of Domaine, motor row Naudet. If beauty is a new true Chablis make no doubt. (Article importer)...-and-consistency, [ravenous], [Devis, right next to the field have than, and ridiculous Chablis built up in [Devis, secret recipe, slightly to 3080 Yen at rock-bottom, and you can enjoy the horrendous of Chablis is! And build such [Moreau-Naudet, Chablis evaluation thing sugomen the France best assessment journal [lveyu du Van de France, 2014, June issue featured in [[Chablis wine-of-the-year]] [annual most excellent thin-sliced Buri] to only shine and all four cuvée is [Reussite Exceptionelle standout success] to achievement ratings will be the Burgundy Magazine [bergaund dot com], comments. -------Consistency has an overwhelming quality some of 2012 of Stephane Moreau. Mainly green fruit, more Chablis seems to be characteristic table I have. Rounded and medium thick, glowing di Bo flava — the hosomi seems patted his mouth, every intonation in brackish envelop a dry aftertaste. Both Excel in size and weight. ...--And-consistency, France best assessment journal [Le-Guido-de-Mayor-van-de-France] 2015 Edition offers even more intense rave Buri, conveys a great taste. In Chablis...-,-and consistency are all perfectly understandable. Year after year the rate of growth of this every in can be confirmed. Ripe wine enthusiast Stefan model row is level of great maturity and 2012 vintages with a finish at the same time be brackish with mineral currently provided. Standard Chablis is a very large scale. ...-,-, Consistency [that provides unparalleled quality!!] [Very large scale!!] [Rich, glowing flava — is seems patted his mouth!!] [Year after year is the rate of growth of this per the can that recognized!!] Exactly, Pinnacle, and King, so comment-bugman! (* * And introduction of the 2013 won further acclaim, vintage long-awaited first is in stock now! ) Okay well!!, by all means, come and enjoy this opportunity!  Its taste barrel and "Chablis requires layers of aromatic vivacity, clarity, and complex taste tingle like a great Burgundy white wine lovers almost has all the nasal cavity or mouth with juicy reminiscent flesh and then juxtaposed with that texture and fruit fresh mineral feeling, oyster shells and ripe grapefruit flava — invite you to finish flowing out.... Flocked white fruit chilled, palate, this level of WA wrapped by fresh flower and stone Inn it is very dramatic, but Morrow field gave this wine be like being stroked or. "Now winning France national rating magazine all rave, finally, [[Chablis wine-of-the-year]] [annual most excellent thin-sliced Buri] of Pinnacle No.1 Chablis great shining at the top, outrageous things, also goose bumps! And [超o買i得shaburi to 15 times!!] and called the overwhelming cost performance! But only about 100 books!  Absolutely, absolutely not miss a taste of the excitement with plenty of hearty and enjoy!

It is popularity awful today! It becomes the introduction of the indication number limit. There are only approximately 100! Please demand it early. 

The limited arrival of the [the annual best Chablis] highest peak No. 1 miracle of the illusion! Highest peak No. 1 Chablis as the goose bumps which shined with wonderful [Chablis wine of the Year] with a best evaluation magazine in France alone stand! [really super bargain Chablis of 15 times! It is an on list for Mitsuboshi restaurant "Jean George" of "ノーマ" which tears L bougie at] "world bestless 50, Trang", and shined in consecutive world No. 1 restaurants for three years and the New York best! All four キュヴェ achieves a great achievement rated by [Reussite Exceptionelle prominent success]! A domestic many evaluations magazine in France is praised highly all together! [I possess an overpowering-like characteristic! ] [very large-scale! ] [the heavy, favorable flavor seems to pat the whole entrance! 】 極めて低い収量、そして極めて熟した果実から生まれる、非常に濃密な活き活きとした果実感とミネラル感が奏でる、その味わいたるや、最上の芸術的ブルゴーニュの凄腕にしか見出すことができない、まさに究極の味わいです!!

Only the one is chosen with a best evaluation magazine in France wonderfully today by everybody,

  [[Chablis wine of the Year]]       [the annual best Chablis]

I introduce highest peak No. 1 Chablis as the に only terribly frightful goose bumps which shined stand! .

All four キュヴェ of ドメーヌ really what this by a special feature of the best evaluation magazine [ルヴュ デュ station wagon de France] June, 2014 issue in France

  [Reussite Exceptionelle prominent success]

に achieves a rated great achievement! . I can right introduce such a terrible Chablis which glistened with [the annual best Chablis] with the only best evaluation named the perfection in an exception of only 3,080 yen! .

Besides, this Chablis is already widely known to celebrity and gourmets of the whole world in an instant, and cost performance of the surprise calls a topic,

・・・ ... Noma ノーマ (Danish / Copen gone gene) Mitsuboshi ★★★ Jean Georges Jean George (New York) Mitsuboshi ★★★ Astrance ass trance (16 wards of Paris) Mitsuboshi ★★★ Pierre Gagnaire Pierre queen crab yell (eight wards of Paris) Mitsuboshi ★★★ Arpege アルページュ (seven wards of Paris) Mitsuboshi ★★★ Le Grand Vefour Grand ヴェフール (one ward of Paris) two star ★★ Apicius アピシウス (eight wards of Paris) two star ★★ Taillevent タイユヴァン (eight wards of Paris) two star ★★ Lasserre ラセール (eight wards of Paris) two star★★

・・・ ...

I list on to Mitsuboshi restaurant "Jean George" of Danish "ノーマ" which breaks L bougie really at "world bestless 50, Trang", and shined in continuation world No. 1 restaurant for three years and the New York best and I do it to's two biggest great masters of the Chablis one after another in others, Michelin Mitsuboshi and two star restaurant of Paris and list on along with current price 50,000 yen [ラヴノー], [ドーヴィサ],

[really super bargain Chablis of 15 times! ]

It is what! .

And and labelling it tastes it! . It is the right ultimate taste that only very deep taste わいたるや which it gives life, and becoming permanently free from danger and a feeling of fruit and a feeling of that I did mineral play to be born from an extremely low yield and extremely ripe fruit, a go-getter of best artistic Bourgogne can find! .

From too little amount of production and import to too little Japan, I can introduce this time only at approximately 100! .

Right [[Chablis wine of the Year]],        I think that you can never fully fully thoroughly enjoy the taste of the impression to win [the annual best Chablis] without passing over at this opportunity! .

As for the name [ドメーヌ Morrow ノーデ Chablis 2013]!

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