Product information
About BKT A world first rank farming machine, a lot of construction machine makers adopt net plus,
I get a high evaluation at high-quality & reasonable price.
Product explanation It is display with the minimum carrying capacity that treads down, and is high with a chisel to show high buoyancy, and not to injure the soil.
I guarantee the power of traction that a tread pattern and a carcass are high in, superior 排土性, comfortable ride comfort.
Maker BKT
Brand name AGRIMAX RT855 (85% flatness)
Scythe 250/85R28
Standard, compatible size (80% flatness) 9.5R28
Load / speed cord 112A8/B
Application rim W8
Tire width / outer diameter 251mm/1137mm
Application valve TR618A
Air pressure (Kg/ square centimeter) 1.6