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rank list
  Nrank brand-new item purchased from licensed outlet.
  Srank brand-new item, unused item, and goods on display that are unused but of old manufacture. Not in the same condition as those in licensed outlets.
  Arank item with minimal damage and in good condition.
  ABrank item with damage but is in relatively good condition.
  Brank item with damage but can be used without any problem.
  BCrank item which can be used without any problem, but with sizable damage.
  Crank item with sizable damage which may result in problems during use.
  caution ※Accessories are not ranked.
    We polish jewelry items, but some items may have scratches due to design.
・Credit card payment is not acceptable for orders from overseas.
・Orders from overseas are charged a foreign-exchange fee of YEN 1,000 and a handling fee of YEN 1,000 (including EMS insurance) which are added to the price upon confirmation of order.
・海外订单需支付汇兑费 1000 日元以及手续费 1000 日元(包含 EMS 保险费),确认订单后将额外加算。
・Orders placed which are not confirmed by e-mail or paid within one week shall be cancelled.
・We do not accept returned goods nor provide refunds.
※Customers making purchases from overseas are presumed to agree to the above conditions.
・There are no guarantees by overseas sale.
・Some jewelry items cannot be shipped. In this regard, please understand that we may not be able to process transactions for certain items.
・We do not entertain orders or inquiries by phone from overseas.
You may send inquires to us by e-mail.
・Please note that we cannot specify the date and time of delivery of goods.
All the items we sell are used articles and we keep only one of each item in stock. As the same item is also being offered for sale on other websites, depending on the timing of your order, it may no longer be available.
We reserve the right to cancel your order at our discretion if the item is no longer available.
Please make receive option setting of before placing an order.
・We only accept payments made through Paypal. and Alipay.
・支持 Paypal 支付、Alipay 支付。
We shall send information regarding the Paypal payment process by e-mail after you place an order, so please check it out.
下达订单后将为您发送一封关于 Paypal 支付的邮件,请确认。
・Total payment shall consist of the following: total price of goods + delivery fee + customs duties*
・支付总金额为“商品合计金额 + 运费 + ※关税”。
Additional import duties and taxes may be charged on customs clearance into your country.
Customers must be in charge of this additional cost, therefore in this case, please pay directly to the delivery agents or the customs office at the time you receive your package.
The import tax policies are different from countries to countries, therefore, please contact the customs office of your living country for more detail.
此时该费用需要接收人承担,请在货物到达时直接支付给配送人员。另外,各国执行不同 的税费及通关手续费相关政策,详细请向接收国家的关税部门咨询。