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It is a skin friendly mask store.
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Don't worry about sensitive skin and elderly people for lovesome smart mask on your face. because replaced by nose wire to very soft touch nose pad a our new type mask.
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Worried Azhar and Measures Against PM 2.5 and Communicable Diseases with Cheap Masks and Images? If you wear a mask, if your nose is frozen, runny nose will come out and there is evidence that you can not fully show the performance of masks. If you are really struggling with the mask, I think you can immediately understand the difference between the [gentle mask on the face], so please give it a try. First, due to the mask pad effect, the gap between the nose and the cheek is blocked, so the mask protects a different sense of security. - Sensitive skin can be worn for a long time. Because there is no hard nose line, the elderly face no burden, no burden on his face. A cotton-like, soft mask pad automatically fills the gap between your cheek and nose, so you will not pinch your cheek. It's like a silky touch. · I think the mask will be moved by the wind many times when there is a strong wind (crosswind or leeward) on the bike, but it will get stuck near your cheek without feeling secure!

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