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Phenomenal oxidation-reduction power

H4O pet water 30 piece set

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Customer's voice

Hydrogen water very suited to this child

How do you do. From our six months ago. So I'm really happy, healthy cat was stuck teacher in renal failure thanks to the water company, we have a thank you email. At that time, weight Somali with a Maine Coon MIX, so big than normal cat system despite the eye 3 key ro台. Was always sleeping terribly well fur is now running around fine, became over weight is 5 kg. The teacher also surprised. Told of hydrogen water very suited to this child. Really thanks. Thank you very much ^ ^ (Gifu Prefecture)

Regaining energy seems to be

Take care. Getting skinny in recent years will have a 15-year-old female cat appetite also dropped many drinking, became the polyuria. Regaining energy drink water came out, such as kidney failure, so is not yet over even one month, it seems. But worried because another young cat that how to separate drinking water is easier than giving birth easier, is an old cat willingly drinking water, drink plain water hydrogen water ignored the young cats. (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Drink about 2 weeks so far with each passing day getting better we have identified the

Injections and subcutaneous infusion in the hospital and discovered that meowth is falling in the neighbor's yard and number of days after blood tests, received a barely eaten up to recover and BUN is 87, CREA 6.1 in chronic renal failure again not long months, told me 6 months have a lot. In order examine H4O. Was delivered the next day. Drink about 2 weeks so far with each passing day getting better we have identified. BUN72, CREA4.0 was down again after a blood test. Reduced amount of weight, drinking water. I'd like to continue it. Happy is the word. (Kanagawa Prefecture)

If you know more soon hydrogen water

Maybe departed sibling dogs one month at the end of hydrogen water if you know sooner, but survived and has regrets. Sibling dogs left drinking Chiao, now water is that Shiloh is. Shiloh is up enjoy pictures, Kao is a car photo. Until you resume the hydrogen water every day 5 hour IV drip and, two days later began drinking the water, don't drink tap water is hydrogen water generator from SWIG. To ensure renal failure again should be good. Next month's test is a pleasure. Thanks to the daily 通itsumenakute, the control. Tomorrow is a hospital appointment. Thank you very much.

Today is not inspected only liver related anemia and BUN also should be falling 15 days prior to. Also very bad blood ammonia in the normal value. On Sunday including the daily treatment until today to six days a week. It to five days a week from tomorrow. Gradual's goal, four days a week. May June test results are good, so good in week 4,. Body nor money easier to (^ ^) rather too five-hour drive, and drip five hours so tiring. Rather I drink water in any case the children improved, 飲masenakatta hydrogen water did not have the half moon left a blood transfusion even renal failure anemia, blood transfusion Service Pack 1 50000 it seems, renal failure is getting worse. 15, prolonging life. It is thanks to the water during 10 months, prolonging life. Have them still alive (^ ^) v (Hiroshima Prefecture)

No longer a vendor and wandering

No longer a vendor's 17-year-old cat (male porori), and wandering. State deteriorated six months ago was originally a touch of renal failure, increased weakness began intravenous treatment at home. While there was and then recover in the daily drip about a month ago started unknown at night and wandering. Around in circles around the same place, is singing loud all day and night. Coaxing, scolding response and, while hardly sleep without wandering. Stayed at more than one vet that ' there is no way at the age of. There is no cure. "" See with a tranquilizer. "And had we given a tranquilizer... also many vendor and wandering a little. Man is missing and the sleep away, physically, mentally and was approaching limits.... Had heard H4O and supplements from the vet, I saw in the Internet. Had dubious status quo treatments not whether or not work was because I started venturing.

So didn't drink from his first Cup is in the syringe was giving regularly. Daily supplement, was given in the syringe, do not dissolve in water. After a while, gone at night, wandering, awareness has clearly worked. Was put given a one week long. In addition to becoming lively coat of fur and eyes and appetite also came out. Eat only soft kai老 for cat food is now eating solid food too. Reducing amount of intravenous drip of daily. H4O put cups in recent now would drink himself. The former calm life is filled with return thanks. I thought is worth a try and intravenous treatment only treatment might not be the does not work with cats of all kidney failure if the parallel H4O and supplements. Thank you very much. Thank you for you in the future. (Osaka Prefecture)

Some effects are so let's continue a bit more I think

To start using the passed one month. Until it had problems with the blood of the (2011.8 urea ちっ素 27.3 mg creatine 1.2mg)2012.4 checking in (urea ちっ素 53.1 mg creatine 2.2 mg) and clarity, was said to be kidney failure. Drink water, again after one month on their blood tests (36.6 mg/dl urea ちっ素 creatine 2.7 mg/dl) did. I think some effects are so let's continue a bit more. (Aichi Prefecture)

Finally this is the last desire come H4O was recommended by Dr

Abandoned becomes was the cat. Birth in six months came to our House. Big scars, tummy was badly really poor molding, hana水. Fever also repeated inspection results with leukemia. She was told about life expectancy 3 years. Embarrassed to eat anyway, bad mouth ulcers. Have tried many things. And finally this is the last desire come H4O was recommended by Dr. It is given hydrogen water Nantes climbed from their table and began to eat heartily and salmon in their mouth. I was really surprised. Is this H4O away as from it. Is the water connected lives. Is stable and calm symptoms now. But vigilance has been kept in taboo anything corresponding to early. (Hokkaido)

Plantation animal hospital from 1-longevity in hospital with chronic renal failure cats

2 chronic renal failure cats will drink from about a year ago. After 2 months with blood tests once the first drink about one month had become a numerical result two of them down and BUN and creatine, who got sick at that time (6 years ago). I was very surprised teacher. After that until the current stable figures. And just the other day animal hospital hospital chronic kidney failure cats in longevity-1 from soft. Thank you very much. Thank you in the future. (Hokkaido)

Said doctor have the effect of everything

And last month had no appetite to well water to drink and so increases the amount of pee I took to the animal hospital with kidney disease treatment was not told. H4O hit happened to be looking on the Internet in the "cat kidney disease". Buy on feelings. Then I has healthy appetite to come out will be nearly two years, but is aging not avoided. Think H4O thanks. Said doctor have the effect of everything. Thank you. (Not so cheap prices. ) (Nagasaki prefecture)

Think H4O amazing effects

Always send H4O thank you. Year and 20-year-old finally left due to long I love cats home giving H4O? very condition was perfect for it is welcomed. Seems there will recover, but during a crisis of life force. I think it's amazing effects H4O. I'm glad that undertakes the podium as the longevity of pets this year. To really appreciate. (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Is full of feelings and wish, as much now as we say

It is a 13-year-old 5-month male shelties. 7-year-old was from the tumor and kidney, is battling liver and any disease. It is converted to homemade because they eat food pathology has had dangerous anemia in present day, a little relieved H4O water, supplements, drug my appetite is coming. Purchased a thought on humans as well as pets are water is very important. It is filled with feelings and give up things as possible to us strongly desire my child to have cherished for 13 years, is now called. Yves Chan you live ne! (Miyazaki Prefecture)

Gigi is doing, I want to care, keep it up

Is a black cat caused convulsions in August of last year, condemned euthanasia and Gigi. Gigi immediately good at anything other than medicine is not looking for dating H4O, originally often drink water because 1, 1 book, coma when in the eyedropper drink was. Took MRI, brain tumor. Repeated convulsions in fairly large brain tumors now in a coma. Jiji said it was euthanasia, that soon will be one year. Was the worst for the kidney becomes almost normal, I'm living right now good luck. And 15-year-old in my also Gigi Gigi for 10 months, but I want to care, keep it up. (Osaka Prefecture)

Just nothing except water H4O pet water

H4O is hydrogen water water impurities removed a part of large amounts of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is cleared only Ros negative effect on the body and protects the cells and genes. Are material to receive oxygen stress and increase in body and damage cells and genes, is related to accelerated aging and deterioration of the disease.

It is important because in case of dogs and cats of excessive reactive oxygen species involved in disease, such as kidney failure, skin diseases, diabetes, malignant tumors, most always clears from the oxygen efficiently.

Introduced the miraculous recovery of end-stage renal failure catsBeen has attracted attention since the H4O pet water. As the application of hydrogen water animal health, bringing further hope and support.

H4O ORP is minus 600 mv

As indicators measuring the antioxidant power of redox potential. If the plus (+) is the number, the more oxide = strong force become rusty, minus (-) in the reduction = to prevent rust, rust to undo the power is strong.

Negative redox potential, and hydrogen also 1500000 times that of ordinary tap water in the H4O (ー) there is also 600 mv. Tap water that we use is by the plus (+) 400 mv, where the plus (+) 700 mv. (In acid deposition levels, body good, I'm not. )

I think you can understand how H4O with antioxidant power (reducing power) or. I'll improve make healthy antioxidant activity with H4O reactive oxygen species in the body to efficiently get rid of oxide, damaged cells self healing power is.

As a result, allergies or atopic dermatitis, kidney disease, some tumors, Dermatitis, otitis externa considerable effect can be expected.It is important anyway, I'll give him firmly.

How to give H4O pet water

H4O is odorless and tasteless. Please feed and water are usually given to do the same.

Should give a small dog or cat if 1 day 1-2 books, medium-large dog is 1, 2 or 3 books, butIt is effectively give you just want to drink because cats and dogs are instinctively their health feel like if you want.

Too much drink in one day no problem. Do not worry about drinking fit if you have been taking drugs.

Also change H4O all drinking water using the water of the other, is okay. Healthy dogs and cats will drink that is very good for health maintenance.

About sodium

In 100 ml sodium in tap water I usually use is within the stipulated at 20 mg. Even when compared to H4O pet water 1.2 mg in 100 ml and at doses in renal failure restricted sodium no problem.

[There are miraculously recovered cat kidney failure was sentenced to death facts]

H: Leo Leo was pronounced in chronic renal failure life expectancy 1-month (7-year-old male), is said to still live well, and miraculous recovery by proper treatment of love their owners and veterinarians, and 'H4O'.

This documentary was broadcast by Fuji Television Network 12/2006. Response after that too much of the 3/2007 were reruns.

Had become 12 toxins called creatinine is, according to medical records recorded figures h: Leo Leo inside a toxin usually 1.0 below normal value. Called number is not surprising when it is dead.

Come by it give H4O creatinine was at 12 numbers falling to 7.5 on the first day, further to the next day what went down up to 2.6.

H: Leo Leo eventually 1.6 and almost back to normal, said the one-month life expectancy has miracle return from the brink of death in approximately one week in May.

H: Leo Leo if in conjunction with other treatments, does not completely cured, of course drinking H4O all kidney failure cats and that isIs no loving feelings of pet owners give up, my son I think miracles will happen.

And H4O

H4O technology

Refers to water removed impurities and H4O dissolved hydrogen in water. The scientific name of the hydrogen bonding water H4O hydrogen containing water. H4O is not for making water special technology research studied the characteristics and properties of hydrogen from hydrogen fuel cell research and development, to large amounts of hydrogen in the water began establishing technology to include.

The secret of packaging containers

Foil pouches are used H4O prevents the penetration of UV rays and keeps the hydrogen content. Also, keep the hydrogen content of filling a vacuum prevents the ingress of air (oxygen). Hydrogen content may not stay even for indefensible penetration of UV radiation such as third-party products commonly used bottles, plastic bottles contained hydrogen. Also, because air Chamber allows air and hydrogen away from the water, would vaporize into the air.

Hydrogen and oxidation reduction potential

Hydrogen is a very fast movement and in the planet's lightest gas substances. To water and other substances dissolved and retention is to is very difficult, very quickly in the air emission and diffusion is away from the high rise of "soluble in water that perpetuate" are even getting into the body, such as the extremely difficult.

Differences between similar products

Without any extra additives, H4O reverse osmosis eliminate chlorine or residual compound, hydrogen gas is filling a vacuum. Hydrogen welding has since pH t burden shows body neutral. (pH7.7 redox potential-600 mV)

Difference for people and pets

And for the people (H4O-600mv) so you can see the ingredients for pets (H4O pet water) is the character of the water is exactly the same. Taking pet for people who drink people for pets that also effects you can expect no problems at all, is the same.

Celebrities who swear by the eminent person

People who are active in the areas abundance of Japan National drinkers H4O guests who are celebrities and celebrities in H4O products please drinkers are. "From the"for my health and that will introduce the essay.

TV broadcast content

Documentary cat kidney failure was sentenced to death by H4O recovered 12/2006 was broadcast on Fuji TV. Response after that too much of the 3/2007 were reruns. H: Leo Leo was pronounced in chronic renal failure life expectancy 1-month (7-year-old male), is said to still live well, and miraculous recovery by proper treatment of love their owners and veterinarians, and 'H4O'.

In cats with renal failure

Often when cat is diagnosed with renal failure already progressing disease progression is about 70-80%, but do not give up in the diagnosis and symptoms of weight and end treatment. While fighting against the disease of renal failure and a lot of cats and their pets at our shop now live well. Of which could pick up have only you.

Renal failure in dogs

H4O will efficiently removing oxygen has given the damage to the kidneys. As a result, shows an amazing vet also restore kidney function improved. Of course the teaching of veterinary medicine or treatment, dog eagerly H4O hydrogen power is very effective, plus it forces you to live and their owners love that truly is, it is.

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