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<img src="https://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/marutoyo0122/fuji/2017-11-24.jpg" border="0" width="1000"><br>
<font size="5.5" color="">Fuji (^ ▽ ^) I took in the vicinity of our shop on November 24 / snow fell.</font><br>
<table width="1000">
      <td align="left"><img src="https://image.rakuten.co.jp/marutoyo0122/cabinet/tenpo/dhl.jpg" border="0" width="1000"></td>
      <td align="left"><font size="6"><b>We can send products from Surugaji samueya  from our shop to everyone in the world with peace of mind, safety, fastest DHL. </b></font> 
      <font size="6"><b><br>
       Shipping fee depends on weight,<font size="6" color="#FF0000">With this ordinary Kimono Hanten clothes up to 1 set 2 pieces up to the
      United States about Jp2380en</font><font size="6" color="">We will arrive at the customer's hand on the third day from the shipping date.</font><font size="6" color="#FF0000"><br>
       If it was Western Europe about JP2480en or taiwan &amp; korea about Jp1700en
      or china Jp1800en, Southeast Asia about Jp1900en,India and Oceania Region
      about Jp2000en, </font></b></font>
      <td><font size="6" color=""><b><br>
      <td align="left"><font size="6"><b> Notice of free shipping<br>
      To customers around the world<font size="6" color="#FF0000">Free shipping fee for all over the world for \ 25,000 or more.</font><font size="6" color="">Please use all means</font><font size="6" color="#FF0000"><br>


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