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We use an auto-translation tool to communicate in languages other than Japanese. We apologize for your inconvenience if there's some wrong translation.

1) After placing an order, an automatic reply will be sent to you. Please note that the money amount mentioned in this e-mail are only applied to delivery inside Japan.
2) Soon after the automatic reply, you will receive an e-mail with the officially fixed money amount from our shop. Please check the total amount then.
3) After your payment is confirmed, your ordered items will be shipped out.


Return Policy

■Cancellation Policy
Please understand that we can not accept cancellation for overseas orders.
We will cancel your order if your payment can not be confirmed by the due date.

■Return and Refund Policy
We cannot accept return/exchange on overseas orders.
Please make sure not to make any wrong order.

■Repair Policy
Manufacturer's warranty does not apply for corruption in overseas use.​
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