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With the PC model is an illustrated exchange procedure manual

Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO internal DVD drive (super multi drive) silver chips

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Product Information

The built-in DVD supermarket multi-drive which have been checked the operation of for Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO

In a variety of media a super multi-drive (two levels of correspondence) of the correspondence
DVD ± R It is macroscale of up to 8.5GB in (Double Layer) for two levels

It has been checked the operation, and an illustration manual of working is with exchange. When I change it for the first time and repair it
も is reliable. Your PC is makeover to a record type DVD drive from today, too! 

◆ Characteristic
It is most suitable for the trouble of the note PC, repair, upgrading
I break off a trouble of the affinity and am available in peace
I attach the illustration manual of the integration method every each note PC
Two kinds of shapes of the front bezel can choose (rectangle, notch), color three kinds from (black, silver, white)
I adopt a super multi-drive of the highest standard for notebook PCs
A PC maker pure recovery CD, start from DVD have been confirmed
If it is GBAS bezel (generic bezel) fellow, the exchange of the bezel is possible (exchange manual attachment)

◆ Speed, the correspondence media
Speed (double speed) of the drive, the correspondence media
+ R
+ R(DL)
+ RW
8 4 6 8 4 8 5 8 16 24 24

◆ Specifications
Note error
Prevention function
Prevention of buffer underrun mechanism is equipped with by DVD/CD notes
Note speed
DVD-R 8 times /DVD-R(2 layer) 4 times /DVD-RW 6 times /DVD-RAM 5 times
DVD+R 8 times /DVD+R(2 layer) 4 times /DVD+RW 8 times
CD-R 24 times /CD-RW 16 times (UltraSpeed)
Reading speed
DVD-R 8 times /DVD-R(2 layer) 4 times /DVD-RW 8 times /DVD-RAM 5 times
DVD+R 8 times /DVD+R(2 layer) 4 times /DVD+RW 8 times /DVD-ROM 8 times
CD-R 24 times /CD-RW 16 times (UltraSpeed)/CD-ROM 24 times
Power supply +-5% of DC +5V
Consumption electricity 5W (double DVD-R note)
External form dimensions 128W x 12.7H x 129.4D
Weight Approximately 180 g
Movement environment 5-45 degrees Celsius

◆ Attention
About the exchange of the front bezel
 It is a model after approximately 2,006 years to be able to do the exchange of the front bezel; the push button of our product,
 An indication lamp position is limited to a case same as an original drive.
Because when it is felt that exchange work by oneself is difficult, I work on exchange in us (4,000 yen) and act
 Please use it in peace.
I can use it immediately if I work on exchange. Driver softwares are not necessary.
Processing is unnecessary near the connector of the drive. Just available.
It is only for a slim drive (built-in drive) for notebooks. I cannot use it in the external drive.
[Quantity limited planning] This product is complete as soon as the inventory closing.

Please note when ordering: Please would like the following model table PC model name in the remarks column of the order page. For replacement instructions are attached. Yarra does not attach.

Fujitsu BIBLO simple correspondence table ( detailed correspondence table here
AH550/3 BT, AH550/5 B, AH570/5 BM, AH700/5 B, AH550/BN, AH550/BNT, AH570/BNM, AH700/BN, AH52/CT, AH53/C, AH53/CN, AH55/CNT, AH56/C, AH56/CN, AH58/CM, AH58/CNM, AH77/CN, AH52/DA, AH52/DNA, AH54/D, AH56/D, AH56/DN, AH77/D, AH77/DN,
T8/80, T8/80 W, T9/80 M, T9/80 W,
T50E, T50E/W, T50G, T50G/W, T55G, T60D, T60D/W, T70E, T70EN, T70G, T70GN, T86A, T86AW, T90D, T90DN, T93B, T93B/W, T93C, T93C/W,
MG12B, MG12B/C, MG12B/M, MG12BN, MG12C, MG12C/M, MG12CN, MG12D, MG12DN, MG13D, MG13DN, MG17D/A, MG50E, MG50E/A, MG50G, MG50GN, MG50H, MG50HN, MG50J, MG50JN, MG50K, MG50KN, MG50K/T, MG50L, MG50LN, MG50L/T, MG50M, MG50MN, MG50M/T, MG50R, MG50RN, MG50S, MG50SN, MG50T, MG50TN, MG50TN/V, MG50T/V, MG50U, MG50UN, MG50U/V, MG50W, MG50WN, MG55E, MG55R, MG55RN, MG55R/T, MG55S, MG55SN, MG55T, MG55TN, MG55U, MG55UN, MG57SN, MG70E, MG70EN, MG70E/ST, MG70G, MG70GN, MG70G/ST, MG70H, MG70J, MG70K, M G70KN, MG70K/T, MG70L, MG70LN, MG70L/T, MG70M, MG70MN, MG70M/T, MG70R, MG70RN, MG70R/T, MG70SN, MG70S/T, MG75E, MG75G, MG75H, MG75HN, MG75H/ST, MG75J, MG75JN, MG75K, MG75S, MG75SN, MG75T, MG75TN, MG75U, MG75UN,
MR16A, MR16AH, MR16B,
NB7/80 C, NB7/80 R, NB7/750 R, NB8/90 D, NB8/90 DR, NB8/900 L, NB8/1000 L, NB9/90 R, NB9/95, NB9/95 L, NB9/1000 L, NB9/1130 H, NB9/1600 L, NB10A, NB10AL, NB10AR, NB12A, NB12AC, NB14A, NB14B, NB14B/R, NB15B, NB15B/T, NB16B, NB16B/M, NB16C, NB16C/A, NB16C/R, NB16C/St, NB16C/T, NB16C/V, NB18B, NB18C, NB18C/T, NB18D, NB18D/D, NB18D/F, NB18D/L, NB18D/V, NB19D, NB19D/D,
NB40M, NB40MN, NB40R, NB40RN, NB40S, NB40SN, NB50E, NB50E/A, NB50EN, NB50G, NB50G/A, NB50GN, NB50G/T, NB50H, NB50H/A, NB50HN, NB50H/T, NB50J, NB50JN, NB50K, NB50KN, NB50L, NB50L/A, NB50LN, NB50M, NB50R, NB50R/A, NB50S, NB50T, NB50U, NB50UN, NB5 3 E, NB53E/A, NB55E, NB55E/T, NB55EV, NB55G, NB55G/A, NB55G/T, NB55H, NB55H/A, NB55H/T, NB55J, NB55J/T, NB55K, NB55K/T, NB55L, NB55L/T, NB55M, NB55M/T, NB55R, NB55R/T, NB55R/TS, NB55S, NB55S/T, NB55S/TS, NB60L/W, NB60M/W, NB70E, NB70EN, NB70E/T, NB70EV, NB70G, NB70H/T, NB70S, NB70SN, NB70T, NB70TN, NB75G, NB75GN, NB75G/T, NB75H, NB75H/A, NB75H/T, NB75HN, NB75HN/T, NB75J, NB75K, NB75K/T, NB75L, NB75L/T, NB75L/TS, NB75LN/T, NB75M, NB75M/T, NB75M/TS, NB75MN, NB75MN/T, NB75R, NB75R / T, NB75RN, NB75RN/T, NB75S, NB80J, NB80JN, NB80K, NB80KN, NB80L, NB80M, NB80R, NB80S, NB90J/T, NB90J/TS, NB90JN/T, NB90K/T, NB90K/TS, NB90KN/T, NB90L/W, NB90LN/W, NB90M/W, NB90MN/W,
NE6/700 B, NE6/750 B, NE6/750 R, NE6/850 HB, NE7/75, NE7/75 W, NE7/800, NE7/800 W, NE7/850 H, NE7/1000 H, NE8/85, NE8/900, NE8/900 W, NE8/1000 H, NE9/1000, NE9/1130, NE9/1130 M, NE12A, NE12AB, NE12AT,
NF40T, NF40TN, NF40U, NF40UN, NF40U/V, NF40W, NF40X, NF40Y, NF40YN, NF45T, NF50U, NF50W, NF50WN, NF50W/V, NF50X, NF50XN, NF50X/V, NF50Y, NF50YN, NF55X/D, NF55Y/D, NF60T, NF70T, NF70U, NF70UN, NF70W, NF70X, NF70XN, NF70Y, NF70YN, NF75U/V, NF75WN, NF75W/V, NF75X/D, NF75XN/D, NF75Y, NF75Y/D, NF75YN/D, NF/A40, NF/A40N, NF/A50, NF/A50N, NF/A55D, NF/A70, NF/A70N, NF/A75, NF/A75D, NF/A75ND, NF/B40, NF/B40N, NF/B50, NF/B50N, NF/B70, NF/B70N, NF/B75, NF/B75D, NF/B75N, NF/B75ND, NF/B80N, NF/B90D, NF/C40, NF/C40N, NF/C50, NF/C50N, NF/C60D, NF/C60H, NF/C60N, NF/C70, NF/C70N, NF/C80N, NF/D40, NF/D40N, NF/D50, NF/D50N, NF/D55, NF/D70, NF/D70N, NF/D75, NF/D80N, NF/D85D, NF/D85N, NF/E40, NF/E40N, NF/E50, NF/E50N, NF/E70, NF/E70N, NF/E75,
NH24C, NH24D, NH26C, NH28D, NH50E, NH50G/T, NH50H/T, NH70E, NH70J, NH90EN, NH90E/T, NH90G/T, NH90HN, NH90H/T,
NX50J, NX70J/T, NX70K/T, NX70L/W, NX70R/W, NX70RN/W, NX70S/W, NX70T/D, NX70TN/D, NX70U/D, NX70W/D, NX90JN, NX90J/T, NX90K/T, NX90KN, NX90L/W, NX90LN/W, NX90M/W, NX90MN/W, NX90R/W, NX90RN/W, NX90S/D, NX90SN/D, NX90T/D, NX90TN/D, NX90U/D, NX90UN / D, NX90WN/D, NX95S/D, NX95T/D, NX95U/D, NX95W/D,
C6220 C6250, C8200, C8210, C8230, C8240, C8250,
820 MG, MGH 820, 830 MG, 830MG/H, 830MG/X,
7000NA2, 7000NA3, 7000NA4, 7000NA5, 7515NU5/B, 830NU/L,
S8120, S8125, S8200, S8205, S8210, S8215, S8220, S8225, S8230, S8235, S8240, S8245, S8250, S8300, S8305
* Not compatible with models without original drive

★ correspondence table is not heterogeneous contact please.

Latest Product Reviews (21)

Posted by デリ** , 2016/10/12 10:45:05
Posted by 夢芽*** , 2016/04/24 22:44:52
あきらめていたノートPCが復活しました。品物が届いた時は、自分での交換は無理!!って思って友達に交換を頼んだのですが、待ちきれず説明書片手にやってみる事にしました。難しいことはなく、簡単には取り換える事が出来ました。 良かったです。
Posted by ot****** , 2014/02/09 12:44:04
メーカーに問い合わせたら 5万円もかかる と言う事で パソコンで探して 楽天に決めました 少し ドライバーでも持って 安く上げようと言う人なら お買い得と思います 10台買っても まだ おつりが ありますからね

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