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We at Ginza Paris, are the national buyers and sellers of gold and platinum
 brand-name products in the center of Tokyo.
 Our professional staff will clean and appraise the precious commodities that you purchase
 from customers. We sell new and second-hand goods.
Ginza Paris is referred to as a "buy" and "sell" new style of exchange.
- You can get the price because its Ginza Paris -
At Ginza Paris, we cherish getting the price that will make you happy, whether you are
 buying or selling.  We always work with hospitality to make sure you are completely
 satisified with the buying and selling prices, so that you will want to continue
buying and selling more with us in the future.
- We are confident that you can buy with peace of mind. -
We are committed to providing products of reliable quality, in order for our customers
 to enjoy peace of mind when shopping.
  In Ginza Paris, we only deal with products that can provide us with confidence
 in our sales outlets.
In addition to our staff's advice and knowledgeable product descriptions,
such as attaching a quality assurance, we are working hard to achieve
your customer purchasing consent .
In addition, we support the fashion of the recycling industry, the independent and corporate,
"Small amount operating expenses less onerous" and "industry lowest of opening initial costs"
was made possible with the franchise package we offer.
For faster customer support, please contact us by email instead of telephone.

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○Total bill amount is: Total price of items + shipping fee

○We will ship after the payment is settled.

Cancelation Policy
Please understand that we will not accept cancellation in any case for international orders
We will not accept cancellation caused by customers.
We will cancel your order if the payment had not been properly made until the due date.
Return and Refund Policy  
  Any return or refund due to customers will not be accepted. However,
 if there is a damage or trouble of the product due to our shop, we accept return and refund.
 We ask customers to cover the shipping fee for return.
 We cannot accept return or exchange under the following
 ・The size, image, or difference of the color
 ・More than 7days passed after the arrival of the product
 ・The product obviouslly used
 ・ The product is stated as junk in the product explanation
 ・ The condition of the product gets worse compared to at the time of the shipment
 ・ The product is not sold at our shop
 ・ The orderer and the customer who tries to contact us is different
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