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BIAS CHECK super low-rise boxer
TRAP NET bikini briefs
ICON DRY super low-rise boxer underwear
This Global market page will close after May 31th.
Please purchase Japanese website after June.

EMS transportation cannot deliver to some other country due to COVID-19, so we cannnot receive any order from that county. Please notice that we have to cancel your order if your country don't accept EMS transportation, even if after the orders have been received. Please check yourself that your country's EMS transportation situation.
And please note that due to the worsened traffic situation caused by the COVID-19, deliveries are delayed all over the world.
Thank you very much for your kindly understanding about delivery delay situation and waiting.
We always wish your happiness and joyful life through EGDE products.
安全ボクサー ラグビーRジョック バックストラップ 安全ビキニ マリンブリーフ トライスタービキニ マリンTバック 迷彩ショート パイナップルビキニ ショートソックス2足 ワンスター サスペンダー 白黒迷彩ビキニ ワーニングボクサー 褌吉原 ギンガムボクサー

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