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The concept of beat is ”to be free from style” and produced by a designer Mr. Ogai. His long experience as a designer in largest manufacturer and a fisherman make it possible to create its’ calculated design. This is the lure brand that catch fish after fish.

Strong jig based on actual fishing and craftmanship From Kochi Japan. Became the first runner of the maker of slow jigging jig only after 1 year its’ establishment, and it still remains the most rising fishing brand. Attractions for SEAFLOOR CONTROL is neatness of its’ finish and beauty of its’ brilliant color by hand.

All made by hand in the offshore studio in Kochi Japan. Mr. Higashimura who is hardened fisherman started up this brand with the hope that every fisherman catch fish more easily and more comfortably.

All handmade one by one.Well-known and its' burst size is limited. They enpasize faliing and its' unique move bring fish bite.

Produced by bluining-hearts that is a founder of the monument of High Brid Pencil, FALCON and brought about renovation to lure industry.

Produced by the captain of jigging ship "Kaikyo" in Sanin Region Japan. It definitely looks away to appeal its'shape when it falls.

It does not matter weather it is slow or high pitch. Slides quickly and stimulates eyes of blueback just like yellow amberjack, amberjack and yellowtail.

It has great effect on aiming black back. Talented metal jig brand created based on actual fishing.

Developed by Capain Akiyama from Assist club which has been leading jigging in Nigata Japan. You feel like doing Bait fish when you use them.

They are entry model of slow pitch jerk and look away in anyone use. BACK DROP is low price and anyone can take at hadn easily.

They mainly use iron which is low-inpact on the environment. Low-specific-gravity and they tempt big-game.

They repeat many tests to complete their products from metal jig only for slow pitch to high pitch.

Metal jigs that shaped an desire of Mr.Nagai from Melon Kobo that "I want to catch big fish by myself in a convincing manner".

Caprice is the originator for slow pitch metal jig and JAVELINE JET is long jig. Royal road metal jig brand that has been loved for many years.

"You just catch fish in the end."

Metal jigs made by tungsten and are minimum body.

Amazing catch with young lancefish pattern.

Jigs that designed and shaved by Mr.Norihiro Sato himself about 10 years before are reproduced and on sale from ASS! Strongest flat jigs revived now!

Jiging manufacturer produced by captain Okada from sport fishing boat CRUSE from Shizuoka Japan. High quality metal jig made in Japan.

Lots of Art is hand made metal jig brand in Kansai region in Japan.Talented metal jig brand that is sold at limited shops.


Original brand of famous lure boat Harugyomaru in Tsushima Japan. Pencil baits for yellow amberjack and tuna are masterpieces sick to hand-made.

Deal in jigs for electric jigging.They perform field tests not only in japan but also in foreign countries. Charateristics of this brand is long development period.


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