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 チョコエッグ ディズニーキャラクター10  HUGっと!プリキュア ぷりきゅ~とタウン 森のツリーハウス  それいけ! アンパンマン ブロックラボスイング8
New item!! 2018/12/12
Choco-egg Disney Character Part.10
New item!! 2018/12/10
NARUTO Grandista Shinobi Relations UZUMAKI NARUTO#2
Kamen Rider Zi-O BIG Size Sofubi Figure
POPMART PUCKY Christmas 2018 series
New item!! 2018/12/08
Pokemon Pokemofu Doll Part.2
Pokemon Terrarium Collection DX
Pokemon Vignette Field
Pokemon Manmarunetsuke Sun & Moon
Hugtto! PreCure PreCute Town Forest tree house
Precure All Stars Precure Kurupeta Seal
Fate/Grand Order Wafer Card File
Fate/Grand Order Wafer Reproduction Special
Aikatsu Friends! Data Carddass Gummy Part.3
Namco Museum Cassette Pins Collection
Kamen Rider Zi-O Sound Ride Watch Series SG Ride Watch 04
The Pudding A la mode Ball Chain Part.2
Strawberry Mascot Ball Chain Part.2
Art Univ. Techni Color Cars Craft Mini Paper model
Tetsuro Degawa Judensasetemoraemasenka? Yabaiyoyabaiyo Collection
Anpanman Blocklabo Swing Part.7
Rilakkuma Yofukashi Light Mascot
Rilakkuma Terrarium of Rilakkuma
SNOOPY & WOODSTOCK Little Lunchbox Museum
New item!! 2018/12/07
Super Soft Cup Cake
 Fate/Grand Order ウエハース 復刻スペシャル  JAZZ MINIATURE COLLECTION 2 (ジャズ ミニチュアコレクション2) 仮面ライダージオウ サウンドライドウォッチシリーズ SGライドウォッチ04
装動 仮面ライダージオウ RIDE3 UDM バースト34 シルバニアファミリー ミニシリーズ 緑の丘のすてきなお家
The designated postal operator of Canada has informed us that the receiving of airmail items bound for Canada has been suspended due to an operator strike.
As dispatch to Canada was delayed for the moment, I can not send airmail to Canada.
We will keep this order until it is resolved. Please contact me if you cancel.
Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation with this situation. November 20, 2019

Currently there are SAL shipping restrictions.
France, Spain, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Algeria, Gibraltar SAL shipping to this country is not possible.
Air mail and air mail with tracking service and EMS will be shipped. December 18, 2017

We accept the shipping method in airmail and SAL, other than EMS !! Tracking service is also available!! Thank you very much!!


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