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Cancellation and Returns

Cancellation Issues

My order was cancelled
When you receive a cancellation email from the shop, it means that the shop was unable to process your order.
Below are the common reasons why the shop may have cancelled your order:
  • The shop could not accept your credit card
  • The order process is not complete
  • You placed the order twice
  • You did not respond to the shop's e-mail regarding shipping fees
  • Import restrictions to your country
  • The shop does not provide international shipping service
I want to cancel my order

In some instances, it is possible to cancel your order from your Purchase History. From the page, select the order you would like to cancel by clicking the “Display Detailed History” link. If a “Change Order” button is displayed, click to cancel.

If you are unable to cancel your order through our site, please contact the shop directly.

Note: After you reply to the shop confirmation email with a confirmation, you will be unable to cancel your order.

Limited-time Rakuten Super Points and Cancellation
If you used limited-time points on an order and cancel after the points have expired, you will be unable to retrieve these lost points. Regular points will be refunded upon cancellation. Visit our Rakuten Super Points page to learn more.

Return Policy

In general, returns are not accepted at the customer's convenience. For issues concerning damaged, defective, or counterfeit products, please contact us.