Payment Methods and Options

While payment options vary from store to store, the majority of our shops accept major credit cards, Paypal, Alipay, and bank transfers. Major credit card companies include Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners, and more.

Before making your purchase, please verify the shop’s available payment methods found on the product page or the shop information page. You may also contact the shop to inquire further about payment options.

All shops accept Rakuten Super Points at checkout. To learn more about how to spend your points, visit Rakuten Super Points.

Note: Prices are converted to local currencies for reference only. All payments are charged in Japanese Yen. Please check with your card companies for applicable exchange rates and fees.

Payment Process

Provide payment information

Confirm shipping fees and authorization verification

Pay customs and import duties

Payment Issues

The shop does not accept my credit card
After completing your order, the shop will check the validity of your credit card. The most common reasons your credit card was declined are:
  • Incorrect expiration date (month and year are in the wrong order)
  • The credit card is or is soon to be expired
  • Incorrect spelling of the card holder’s name
  • Credit over-limit (Please consult your credit card company)
When your credit card is declined, the shop may ask you to repeat the process and enter the correct information. For security reasons, do not share your credit card information with a shop over email or phone.
I want to change my payment method after checkout
In order to change payment information, you must cancel your order and repurchase the item.
Charge errors

I am being charged after cancellation:

Your credit card will be temporarily charged if the cancellation is processed later than the closing date of your credit card. You will be refunded within two months of the charge. It is advisable to contact us for cancellation as well as your credit card company for refund time confirmation.

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