Rakuten Super Points

Rakuten Super Points

What are Rakuten Super Points?

Points are Rakuten's exclusive member reward program.


Everytime you shop on Rakuten Global Market you earn points.


You earn approximately 1% of the purchase price as points on every purchase which can be used after a 20 day holding period.


Points can be applied to future purchases to save money.
1 point = 1 JPY

How to Get & Use Point

Find Items you like

10,000 JPY
1% Points Back
100 Points

20,000 JPY
10% Points Back
2,000 Points

Buy Together

30,000 JPY
21,00 Points Back

Use Points & Save
on your next purchase

10,000 JPY
Use 2,100 Points
Pay just 7,900 JPY!

What are the two types of Points?

There are two types of Rakuten Super Points that can be earned. One is regular points and the other is time limited points. The table below highlights the major differences.

HOW DO I EARN POINTS? Earned on all Rakuten services including Global Market Earned as a part of a promotion. Requires entry into the promotion
HOW MANY POINTS DO I EARN? One point per 100 yen spent (ex. Spend 4398 JPY and earn 43 points) Amount received varies depending on promotion
WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY POINTS? Credited to your account immediately after purchase Point distribution date depends on promotion rules (typically 2 months after promotion ends)
WHEN CAN I USE MY POINTS? 20 day waiting period before being available for use Can be used immediately after receiving points
WHEN DO MY POINTS EXPIRE? Expire after one year of account inactivity Expiration date varies based on promotion (typically 1 month)

The following conditioins apply to both types of points

Full rules regarding Rakuten membership including points can be found here.

How are Points calculated?

Example point calculation:

Make a purchase

  1. Place a 7,015 JPY order
  2. Merchant offers 5x points on all items
  3. Entered campaign for 1,000 points when spending 5,000 JPY or more and purchase was during campaign period

Earn applicable points

  1. 70 regular points (1 point per 100 JPY spent)
  2. 5x multiplier from merchant
  3. Meet campaign conditions

Receive points

regular points (70)
merchant multiplier (5x)
campaign point (1000)
350 regular points + 1000 limited time points = 1350 total points

How do I earn Rakuten Super Points?

How do I check Rakuten Super Points earned in a purchase?

Look above the item price to see the number of Rakuten Super Points you can earn for each unit purchased.

At checkout, you can see the number of Rakuten Super Points you will earn on each order.

Limited time points earned from campaigns will not show up here. To confirm whether you have met the conditions for a campaign, you can reach us on Facebook or customer service contact form.

How do I earn extra Rakuten Super Points on an item?

Our merchants will also sometimes offer multiple times points on their products. Check for the Point Multiplier mark (2X, 10X) in the search results. To find which which items have bonus Rakuten Super Points, check for the Point Multiplier mark (2X, 10X) in the search results.

You can also see the total number of Rakuten Super Points on the item page, above the item price.

How do I earn Rakuten Super Points during a campaign?

To earn points from a Rakuten point campaign, make sure to log in to your Rakuten account and then enter into the campaign by clicking the Entry button. Additional rules and requirements can be found on the campaign page.

How do I spend Rakuten Super Points?

Choose how many Points you want to use in the checkout process.

How many Rakuten Super Points can I spend?

Minimum point usage is 1 Rakuten Super Point per order.

Point usage is limited to 30,000 Rakuten Super Points per order.

Point usage is limited to 100,000 Rakuten Super Points per month.

What are other restrictions on spending Rakuten Super Points?

Please be aware that some merchants may have their own restrictions on point usage.

How do I check my Rakuten Super Points balance?

How do I check the number of Rakuten Super Points I currently have?

To check your Points Balance: Log in with your Rakuten ID and check the top of the home page. The total number of Rakuten Super Points you have is displayed with your name. This amount includes both regular and time-limited Rakuten Super points.

Please note that the number of Points displayed here includes both Rakuten Super Points that you can use right away as money at checkout and Points that are not yet available for usage. That happens because the regular 1% Rakuten Super Points are reflected shortly after purchase in your account, but they can only be used 20 days after the purchase you received them from.

Time limited Points are Rakuten Super Points with an expiration date. The amount displayed can be used right away. For more details on types of Points, please check here.

How do I check my Rakuten Super Points history?

Currently Point History is only available in Japanese. To check it, please log in your account and access the point page (Japanese only).

The pink records show the times you have received Points, while the blue show the occasions you spent Points.

On this page you can also check when your limited-time Points expire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Rakuten Super Points?
Points are Rakuten's reward program that are earned with every purchase.
How can I use points?
Points can be redeemed on future purchases at the rate of 1 point = 1 JPY
How do I earn points?
You earn 1 point for every 100 JPY you spend on our site. In addtion, you can earn extra points in the following ways:
  • Merchants will sometimes offer multiple times points such as 5x points on purchases at their store and these will be added to your account automatically and act like regular points
  • Rakuten will occasionally run campaigns where that enter and meet certain conditions can earn multiple times points or earn a fixed amount of time limited points that have an expiration date
When will my points be awarded?
Regular points are awarded immediately after purchase and can be used 20 days after being credited.
Time limited points are awarded on the date specified by the campaign.
When do points expire?
Regular points expire after 1 year of account inactivity.
Time limited points expire on the date specified by the campaign.
How do I use my points?
To use points, see How do I Spend Rakuten Super Points?
When can I use my points?
You can use your points on any purchase with the following conditions:
  • Regular points and multiple times points from merchants can not be used until 20 days after purchase
  • Time Limited Campaign points can be used immediately after they are awarded
What if I have both kinds of points?
If you have both regular and time limited points, time limited points will be used first.
How many points can I use at once?
A maximum of 100,000 points can be used per month per user.
Some merchants will have a maximum amount points they will take per order. In those instances, please contact the merchant for additional details.
What if I cancel my order and used points?
In the case of cancellation, regular points will be refunded.
Time limited points will only be refunded in the case that they have not yet expired.

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