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- The spirit of sports -
With their corporate colors blue and green representing the clear sky and vast earth, Yonex challenges the world.
Their clubs that utilize advanced technology have become a well known weapon for many top pros.
With “nature,” “harmony,” and “challenge” as their mottos, Yonex continues to stride forward in order to manifest the dreams of those who love sports and bring forth a new era of sports history and culture with that passion.


- Bringing the evolving ideal to all golfers -
Jointly developed with leading pros competing at the elite level. Unceasing ideas and evolution through the development of original products. For even greater possibilities and golf gear that appeals to the senses.
The history of Tourstage is a history carved by the many laurels of top players who allowed no compromises along with top engineers who persistently chased their ideals. This golf gear, even at this very moment, continues to evolve.


- A memory of continual enthusiasm -
Sports is both a large part of society, and a joy shared between the mind and body that all people experience. It has crossed over the differences between societies and cultures, giving many people dreams and passion.
History recognizes the present and is there to shape the future.
Mizuno is always thinking about how the ideal sports of tomorrow and what to do for the children that carry the burden of the future.


- Dunlop moves ahead -
There are still many things that can be done to make the life of a golfer richer and more satisfying. Dunlop’s research and development focuses on the best materials and constructions to improve your distance, accuracy, and feeling while golfing.
Dunlop will continue to do anything and go anywhere for the sake of golfers’ games.


- TaylorMade: the brand elite pros rely on -
For the past several years, TaylorMade has boasted the highest levels of performance and innovation in the golf world.
Along with their stylish designs, the various TaylorMade lines have made it possible to hit the ball farther, straighter, and with more grace than ever before. Pro and amateur golfers all around the world rely on TaylorMade.


- Being global while remaining local -
Titleist aims to offer all golfers gear that possess both high performance and quality.
Titleist seeks to constantly improve the spirit of challenge and support system for customers.


- Anyone can be an athlete -
Nike speaks the universal language of sports, that expresses the passion of competition to people all around the world.
Nike’s reason for being is very pure and altruistic: Nike exists to support human potential?that is the wonder of sports. Nike provides items for the sake of manifesting even greater performance as a way of continually sending their message of encouragement to people all around the world.


- Enjoy clear excellence -
Callaway’s brand, many amazing products, and technology tell their own “story.”
Callaway products feature original concepts and designs that exceed convention in the golf industry. Their scientifically designed clubs are easy for anyone to handle and have garnered much attention from golfers.
Callaway continues to create their “story.”


- Founded in 1959, Honma is a high-end Japanese manufacturer of golf clubs and quipments. All the Honma "made in Japan, Sakata" clubs are carefully handmade by more than 400 skilled craftsman involved in a number of differect production processes. Honma prides itself for providing every product embodied with principles primarily focused on quality and design. Honma's company mission is to produce golf clubs that promote confidence and feel that can help enhance and sustain high performance. Honma clubs are designed in mericulous and genuine craftsmanship of Japanese production.


- Katana Golf company was established in 1998, Katana is a high-end Japanese manufacturer of golf clubs and gears. Katana's philosophy states that feel is the performance. Whether a professional or beginner, slight hesitation or slightly off feel can have a direct impact on the player's performance. Katana confidently believes that golf is a mental sport and conducts extensive research in order to develop products that can better positively enhance and affect the five senses of the player to maximize performance. The primary focus is on the feel when the player holds the golf clubs.


- Established in 1959, Kasco is a Japanese manufacturer of golf gears with a mission to continually deliver game-improvement technology and products to golfers worldwide. Kasco collaborates with professional golfers in order to design and produce golf clubs and equipments that can maximize the player's performance and enjoyment of the game.


-A Japanese brand of golf clubs established in 1983. The PRGR company operates golf school in Japan to directly hear ideas and experience of the instructors and students and incorprate them in their production of golf clubs and equipments. PRGR develops technologically advanced golf clubs that maximize performance for golfers of all ability levels.


- Maruman was established in 1971, and it is one of the world's premium golf equipment manufacturer. Maruman prides itself for producing gold clubs that set them apart from the rest of the competitors in quality. Maruman incorporates high technology and new materials such as high repulsion designs, Nano Technology, iton titanium solid structure in production. Maruman was the first company to incorporate Nano Technology onto golf equipment. Maruman offers reasonable price for high quality products.

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