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Campaign Conditions

Campaign Period
2013/12/19, 10:00 AM - 2014/1/6, 9:59 AM (JST)
3,000JPY discount on shipping fees for orders fulfilling all the conditions below:
Order is placed during the Promotion Period and shipped to outside of Japan.
Order amounts to 10,000JPY or more in a single transaction.
Order is made at eligible shops listed on the promotion page.
Special Notice for the Holidays
Due to the holiday season in Japan, there may be a slight delay in shipping.
Thank you for your undertsanding.
Eligible services
Only purchases made at eligible shops are eligible.
Only orders shipped to outside of Japan (International Shipping) are eligible.
All items offered by shops listed on the promotion page are eligible for this promotion. (However, only orders delivered before
January 31, 2014 are eligible. Kindly check the delivery date with the shop).
Purchases paid for with Rakuten Super Points are also eligible.
We do not offer return policy for overseas orders.
Reservation items are not included.
Tenso.com and other forwarding services who use an address in Japan are not eligible.
In case Rakuten identifies inappropriate use of this promotion, Rakuten will handle the respective orders as not eligible for this promotion.
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