Rakuten Global Market Ranking Vol.19

What's "in" now?! Products you didn't even know existed! Highly recommended!

Cold Medicine

Be prepared for cold weather by stocking up with medicines and other cold prevention supplies.

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Hair Treatment

Protect your hair from over drying.

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Instant Noodles

Just add hot water. .Available in a variety of flavors

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Best-selling products in Japan

We have picked up a selection of items eligible for international shipping from among the best-selling products of Rakuten Market, a Japanese online platform dealing with almost 2 billion products! Please see the product page for the latest information.

*The editors create the product ranking which is generally based on sales of certain items and trends within Rakuten however the actual criteria for selection may vary.

*While featured items are available at the time rankings are originally published, please note that some items may become sold out or discontinued over time.