Rakuten Global Market Ranking Vol.14

What's "in" now?! Products you didn't even know existed! Highly recommended!

Rohto Pharmaceutical Products

Introducing the newest and most popular products from Rohto Pharmaceutical, a Japanese company which is especially known for its eye drop products.

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Autumn Lady Pumps

Introducing popular Made in Japan women's pumps befitting the autumn season. We recommend customers who are interested in Japanese shoes to check out this product.

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Hello Kitty Goods

There are so many products featuring the popular character Hello Kitty! The shoes make for an excellent gift for women and children.

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Best-selling products in Japan

We have picked up a selection of items eligible for international shipping from among the best-selling products of Rakuten Market, a Japanese online platform dealing with almost 2 billion products! Product information is based on data as of Oct. 12, 2016. Please see the product page for the latest information.

*The editors create the product ranking which is generally based on sales of certain items and trends within Rakuten however the actual criteria for selection may vary.

*While featured items are available at the time rankings are originally published, please note that some items may become sold out or discontinued over time.