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Welcome to the world of ONE PIECE!

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There are a lot of ONE PIECE fans within Rakuten. Here what they wrote about ONE PIECE!

We cannot talk about ONE PIECE without mentioning the Devil Fruit. Also, each character is so unique - the behaviour and way of talking, so that every character has its notable place in the story. That's why it is always fresh each time I read or watch it.
by Yoi - favorite character "Marco"

Story is good! There are even some emotional scenes if you read properly from the beginning. Manga maintains the slogans "friendship", "hard work" and "victory" of Jump magazine.
by Chat_Chat_Chat_Chat - favorite character "Luffy"

If you want to teach children about morals through manga this may be the best title. Because it envolves social events it is also fun for adults. You may even feel like crying, not because it depicts a sad story but because it is very deep and you will definetely be impressed. It stands out for what is important in the world. Try it !
by Furuhashi - favorite character "Crocodile"

The story line and structure of this manga is absolutely fantastic. It is full of good humour and uniqueness which I have never seen in another manga before. The conflicts depicted in this manga make you a feel a special connection with the characters, beyond age or nationality.
by Hippo - favorite character "Enel"

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