Welcome to Rakuten Global Market!

Rakuten Malaysia will no longer be available to consumers for new purchases after 1 March 2016.
To help you continue to enjoy shopping products from Rakuten, in particularly unique items from Japan, we would like to introduce Rakuten Global Market
( https://global.rakuten.com/en/ ).

Rakuten Global Market is the global platform of Rakuten Ichiba, the No. 1 internet shopping mall in Japan.
Currently, there are over 10,000 shops selling on Rakuten Global Market from all over Japan.
This means that you, as our customer, have access to millions of unique products directly from Japan

How to sign-in to Rakuten Global Market with your Rakuten Account.

Rakuten, Inc provides easy access to several Rakuten services through single sign-in with same Rakuten ID for free. Subject to agreement to terms and conditions, you can register and access Rakuten Global Market here with your current Rakuten ID and password and continue to shop online from our global merchants.
* Please note that you can't transfer your Rakuten Super Points earned at Rakuten Malaysia to Rakuten Global Market.

Customer Care

Rakuten Global Market

Rakuten Global Market is operated by Rakuten Inc.
If you have any inquiries or questions about Rakuten Global Market please refer to FAQ page or contact us through the inquiry form.

Rakuten Malaysia

To find out more about Rakuten Malaysia please check out our corporate page or contact us through the inquiry form.