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Saga Prefecture is located in the northwestern Kyushu, having Fukuoka Prefecture to its east, Nagasaki Prefecture to its west, the Sea of Genkai to its north and the Sea of Ariake to its south.
When you visit Saga, you should visit Yobuko, famous for its transparent squid, or Kashima if you are a sake connoisseur.
Kashima is the home of “Nabeshima”, the “champion sake” of the world selected at the International Wine Challenges.
If you are interested in porcelain, you must visit Arita and Imari. For a history fan, Karatsu Castle and the ruins of Nagoya Castle are must-go places.
Yoshinogari Remains and The Saga Pref .Space & Science Museum are great for a family with small children. Hot spring lovers should not miss Takeo and Ureshino.
Today, slected stores from Saga which are active in Rakuten get together in one place.
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