What is known of GIFU?

Gifu Prefecture is located in the center of Japan.
With forests covering 80 percent of its land, the prefecture makes you feel close to grand mountains and clear rivers.
Its residents lead a life surrounded by old traditional cultures.
In Gifu Prefecture, a World Heritage Site (Shirakawa-go) as well as castle ruins and old post towns have passed down Japan’s ancient cultures and lifestyles over generations, and people are actively engaged in hands-on crafting that inherits craftsmen’s skills and wisdom.
You can fully enjoy its abundant nature through such activities as riverside picnicking, rafting, climbing and skiing.

minamo is a mascot character of GIFU festa

Introductory message of "Feel Gifu, Japan" by Gifu Prefectural Government

Rich in hot springs that heal your mind and body, it is a place that satisfies your five senses with a prime selection of dishes filled with the blessings of mountains and rivers.
From the geographical center of Japan, we deliver our local products—local sake brewed with fresh stream water, Japanese tea raised in greenery and under plenty of sunshine, woodwork which is the result of fine craftsmanship and more.

We hope you will take this opportunity to find your favorite specialties and use them as gifts for your beloved ones and rewards for yourself.

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