until October 19, 2017 9:59AM (JST)

Single order over 11,000 JPY

Ship to U.S.A

  • Hawaii and Alaska included
  • Shipping Fee under 4,500 JPY Weight Under 2kg

Ship to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, South Korea

  • Order value over 11,000 JPY
  • Shipping Fee under 4,300 JPY Weight Under 3kg

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If you're looking for tasty snacks from Hokkaido, look no further! This store is fully stocked with popular Hokkaido snacks, specialties, and even seasonal agricultural products.

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Shirohato offers products from famous brands like Wacoal, Triumph, and Atsugi, to super-cheap underwear items that are on sale! We have been the "Shop of the year" for 10 consecutive years

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Luxury second hand goods from makers such as Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Cartier. Visit us at our website!

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RINKAN is an entirely new type of apparel shop that changes the concept of select shops and vintage clothes shops by combining both the "latest collection items" and exquisite "used items" from the past. We list over 100 products from popular brands everyday, so you can surely find the item you were looking for.

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We carry shoes for jogging, marathon, athletics, basketball, volleyball, soccer, fashion sneakers and more that can suit you! Step Sports Rakuten Market Store

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Rakuten Ichiba Shop ccilu

Combining functionality and stylish design, ccilu offers super lightweight relax shoes that are loved in 85 countries around the world.

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fashion jewelry em

We offer high-quality pierced earrings, rings, necklaces, and more jewelry that are over 10K at a reasonable price! They make perfect gifts!

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Beauty & Health

free feel

We mainly sell a wide variety of beauty equipments made in Japan, mainly from the popular brand, [SK-II].

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Master of Beauty

From popular Japanese cosmetics, drugs, and supplements to home appliances and sweets, we always carry over 100,000 items you can choose from!

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VINTAGE PARADISE TODAYS Sugawara Ltd USED SELECT SHOP Loop Select Shop 1inch ADIEU Apois ARKnets ARROWHEAD BRAND7 TOKYO Lingerie house carlina DAISHIN RAKUTEN ICHIBA SHOP Girlstalk(auc-girlstalk) Kitazume Shoji Rakutenichibaten auc-loveplus(loveplus楽天市場店) Pawn Shop Matsui PRIZM Salada Bowl SELECT A JAPAN BEARS etre par bleu comme bleu Brand Liberty BRAND JET brandmaison Brand of Queen pawn shop BRILTOWAZ Rakuten Ichiba Shop Britain calngy(rental and sell caL 楽天市場店) CHOYA SHIRT Clementia Decor Socks specialty store Copo Cosmedic Labs Rakuten Ichiba Shop Kamakura Cuffs-Kobo cullent CUORE stellar e-zakkamania stores fashion jewelry em glamore FUGA TRAD HOUSE FUKUSUMI GARYU Gracias Japan MILITARYSHOP GLOSTER GMMSTORE Gallery Rare used select shop Greed RINKAN HALLO-WIN hanafu heroinestyle Hogushiya hompo HONEY BUNNY ONLINE STORE bridal inner hugge HEAVEN Jeans and casual ROCK Joliedame select shop JuJu kohakuya(琥珀屋) Lury mapleB Shirhama Mariner Modern Blue Rakuten Ichiba Shop Miss Flora MOTESHITAGI NAKAGAWA 1948 rakutenichibaten naotjewelry Oibibio Rakuten Ichiba shop ORGAN Rakuten Ichiba Shop osharewalker Paperglass Rakuten Ichiba Shop Passage Mens Passage shop Pearlyuumi PLAYFUL SEXY Lingerie-REON RESCUE SQUAD CIVARIZE Official Store K18 Necklace GOLDENRIVER Rise-on Vintage store ROMANTIC NEUROSIS - Rakuten Ichiba Shop SakuraStyle-Japanese Modern Design Clothes and Items CHERISH Shirohato SILKKING KAKEYA JEANS JAPAN OKAYAMA silence Speedway STYLE WORKS TIDING BAG TORATO AMATERA urala Wakuwaku yume shop Grazie yield Kimono-yuubi Zenis

It is Japanese culture to have rest after shopping with eating Udon.

Udon (うどん) is one of Japanese peoples traditional fast food which easy to get and easy to make into different flavor. Either cold or hot taste are both very delicious! Let’s enjoy it at your home with a typical Japanese style!

Campaign Rules

Selected Shop Free Shipping Promotion
Campaign period 2017/10/10 10:00 AM - 2017/10/19 9:59 AM (JST)
Participating Shop Shop included in this campaign page ( Click here to see the entire shop list )
Participated Region China , Taiwan , HK , Macau , South Korea ,USA
Items shipped to Alaska and Hawaii are eligible.
Note: Items shipped to other US Territories including Guam and to APO FPO are not eligible
Eligible Order Threshold

Single order must exceed 11,000 JPY of its purchased value
Purchase Value :
* The amount before coupon and points are applied
* Exclude the amount of shipping fee and import duties
* Please refer Q&A (9) (10) for detail example

Weight US : less than 2KG (non-oversized)
CN,HK,MO,TW,KR: less than 3KG (non-oversized)
Shipping Method EMS Direct Shipping
Other condition 1. For shipping fee that exceeds the eligible weight (over 2KG for US and over 3KG for CN, HK, TW, KR, MO) additional shipping fee shall be borne by the buyer.
2. Japan address and Forwarding company's address are not eligible
3. Multiple order number cannot be combined for the purpose of meeting the threshold
4. There is no limit on the number of times a buyer can participate in this campaign. You may make separate purchases.
5. Rakuten will pay maximum of shipping fee as below for each order that meet the criteria .
US: under 2KG (equivalent to 4,500 JPY)
CN,HK,TW,KR,MO: under 3KG (equivalent to 4,300 JPY)
Cancellation Each store has its own cancellation policy. (Click here ) Please confirm with the purchased shop for further information.
Step by Step Purchase Flow Click here to learn step by step purchase flow
Import Tariff related information • The product price displayed does not include any customs duty or import taxes that may be imposed by the destination country.
• For applicable customs tax policies please refer below
Mainland China
Hong Kong
Note • A single order refers to orders with the same order number. The order number is displayed on the website after each purchase is made.
• Each order must originate from a single store; you may not combine purchases from multiple stores into a single order.
• The campaign qualifying criteria shall be solely based on the provided Japanese yen amounts. Any reference to currencies other than Japanese yen is only meant for your reference.
• When using Rakuten Super Points or coupons, if the original price (i.e. price before applying Rakuten Super Points or coupons) of the order meets the above criteria you will be qualified for the campaign.
• You need to register as a member to use points and coupon.
• Large purchases and high value purchases may result in your package(s) being detained at Customs.
• Rakuten Global Market reserves the right to change the terms of these campaign, or to halt this campaign at any time, without notice.
• Pre-ordered items that can be sent out before 24th November ,2017 (JST) are eligible for this campaign.


  • Q1) How to purchase on Rakuten Global Market

    A1) "Step by Step instruction"
    "New User Guide "
    "Customer Protection Guide"

  • Q2) Do I need to be a member of Rakuten to participate in this campaign?

    A2) No. Both members and non-members may participate in this campaign.

  • Q3) Do I need to be a member of Rakuten to use coupon or points?

    A3) Yes, you need to register as a member to user coupon and points.

    "How to use points"
    "How to use Coupon "
    "How to check if a Shop Accepts Coupons"

  • Q4) Which stores and items are eligible for this campaign?

    A4) All the stores listed on the campaign page are eligible.(Campaign List)

  • Q5) Is there a limit to the number of orders I can make to be eligible for the benefit?

    A5) No, there is no limit of how many orders you can make to enjoy the campaign benefit .

  • Q6) Is there a minimum purchase amount for the individual order?

    A6) The minimum amount of an individual order to participate in the campaign is 11,000 Japanese yen (before coupon and points are applied).

  • Q7) How much additional shipping fee do I need to pay , if the package exceeds the weight ?

    A7)Please contact merchants for the detail shipping amount you need to pay.
    Reference for the shipping fee after 3KG : EMS Shipping Fee Table

  • Q8) What happens if the single order exceeds the free shipping amount? Can I still have the shipping discount?


    For shipping to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan:
    Rakuten will pay for the initial 3KG of your shipping (equivalent to 4,300 Japanese yen). You would need to pay the additional shipping fee after 3kg

    For shipping to US:
    Rakuten will pay for the initial 2KG of your shipping (equivalent to 4,500 Japanese yen). You would need to pay the additional shipping fee after 3kg

  • Q9) If I cancel some items in an order, causing the total amount to fall below 11,000 Japanese yen, do I still qualify for the campaign?

    (For example, I purchased 4 items at the same store, and the original amount is 13,000 Japanese yen. I then cancelled one of the item, which costs 6,000 Japanese yen and now the total amount of the order is 7,000 Japanese yen.)

    A9) Unfortunately no. In such case, the final amount of that order is 7,000 Japanese yen, which does not meet the requirement to qualify for the campaign.

  • Q10) When using Super Points or coupons, the actual amount I have to make payment for does not exceed 11,000 Japanese yen. Do I qualify for the campaign?

    (For example, I purchased a product, which costs 12,000 Japanese yen. After using 5,000 Japanese yen worth of points or coupons, the actual amount I have to make payment for is 7,000 Japanese yen.)

    A10) Yes. As long as the original price of the order meets the criteria you can participate in this campaign even after using points or coupons.

  • Q11) After placing an order using Rakuten Super Points, will the points be refunded if the order is cancelled?

    A11) Yes . If the Rakuten Super Points used are regular points, the original amount of points will be refunded.
    If the Rakuten Super Points are time-limited points, any points that have not expired will be refunded.

  • Q12) How long does it take for the goods to be shipped?

    A12) Usually, the items will be delivered within 3 to 14 days after the purchase.
    Actual arrival date depends on the shipping condition. Please confirm with the merchants.

  • Q13) What should I do if I have a question about my order, but did not receive a reply after emailing the store?

    A13) Normally, it takes store 2 to 3 working days to process your email. If you do not receive any email reply from the store after 3 working days, please contact Rakuten’ s Member Support Centre.

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