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Premium Wagyu

Japan Kyushu A5 / A4 Premium Beef - Enjoy "melts in your mouth" experience
Farmer's devotion on feeding is one of the key factors of Japanese black beef's
deliciousness. With high quality natural resources and the unique way of feeding,
the Japanese Kyushu black beef contains a high proportion of amino acids and
unsaturated fats. Smooth texture, juicy flavor, and rich taste will linger on the
palate and spread out in the mouth. The beef has inimitable marbling and its
succulence exceeds all expectations.

The delivery time of any goods in "Gourmet Japan Premium" is within 7 days. Please note that, goods will be abandoned if it’s exceeded the period of delivery. Refunded cannot be given.

Goods in “Gourmet Japan Premium” cannot be delivered to some areas of Hong Kong. Please click hereto check out non-deliverable areas.

Authentic Kyushu Black Beef

Authentic Kyushu Wagyu is a precious product produced by majestic natural environment in Kyushu.

With the inspection of radioactivity, the safeness of cesium index is being recognized.

Enjoy Distinctive & Premium Experience

Under the special meat processing and delivery procedures, the tenderness of the beef is assured with a delicate and juicy flavor.

Radiological safety inspection certificate and origin certificate will be attached with the goods.

By using premium ingredients with less seasoning, simple recipe can make delicacies!

Kyushu A5/A4 beef with decent packaging is a good gift idea!

Hong Kong's famous blogger - MOONmoon Kitchen’s Cooking Tips

Pan-fried Wagyu Steak
with Sliced Garlic

  1. Wash beef slightly. Unfreeze around 10 minutes. Dry beef with kitchen paper. Separate fat from the steak, and cut beef into dice.
  2. Cook sliced garlic with clean asparagus in oil brine. Heat up a frying pan and add in oil. Saute sliced garlic until they become golden, and then pick them up. Mix well with beef, black pepper, and sea salt. Use the same frying pan and add in beef’s fat. Add in beef.
  3. Decoct front and back sides of the steak on high heat around 2 minutes. Then decoct 4 sides slightly. Turn to low heat. Decoct for 1 minute. Put on a plate. Done!
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