Japanese Food Festival Japanese Food Festival

To fully experience a Japanese Matsuri, getting a taste of Japanese festival food is a must. All Matsuri will have small demise or shops that sell Takoyaki (a batter with octopus inside shaped into a ball), Kakigori (shave ice flavored with syrup), and Yakisoba (Japanese-style stir fried noodles). These are staple foods during the Matsuri season, but with the right ingredients you can easily enjoy these dishes in your home.


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Takoyaki is a go-to Matsuri food. It is a ball-shaped puff that is specially made by spinning batter in a molded hot plate. Tako, or octopus, is put in the middle and seasoned with sauce. Takoyaki can also be made in your home with just a few ingredients.

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How to make Takoyaki.

How to make Takoyaki.

Ingredients (for 20 Takoyaki)
● Takoyaki Mix: 100g (3.5 ounces)
● Eggs: 1 medium
● Water: 300 ml (10 ounce)
● Boiled octopus: 20 pieces
● Sauce as topping

Cooking Method

Mix eggs and takoyaki mix in bowl (according to directions)

Heat takoyaki pan with oil and pour batter to fill the holes of the pan.

Drop octopus pieces in the batter in each hole, and sprinkle with green onions

Cook at medium heat for 1-2 minutes and turn over using a turner

Cook another 3-4 minutes, turning constantly.

Pour sauce and mayo over them and garnish with Aonori (green dried seaweed) and Katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes).



Kakigori, or shave ice, is often eaten at festivals with fruit flavored syrup. Popular flavors are green tea, strawberry, melon, sweet plum and condensed milk. It’s much fluffier than a snow cone and is made by shaving ice with a machine.

How to make Green Tea Flavored Kakigori.

How to make Green Tea Flavored Kakigori

Ingredients: (1 serving of Kakigori)
● 1 Tbsp. Matcha green tea powder
● 100g (1/2cup) sugar
● 150ml boiling water
● Ice (to shave)
● Sweet red bean paste
● 2-3 Mochi dumplings

Cooking Method

Place 2 Tbsp. Matcha (green tea) powder and 1/2 cup sugar in a mixing bowl, pour in 150ml boiling water, and stir well until dissolved. Let syrup cool

Shave ice into a bowl to make mound of shaved ice

Pour 4 Tbsp. of the Green Tea syrup over the ice

Decorate with Anko (red bean paste) and Dango (sweet dumpling) and eat quickly!



Yakisoba, or Japanese stir fry noodles, typically includes vegetables and pork seasoned with sweet and savory sauce. Two steel spatulas are used to mix and stir the noodles. This quick and easy meal can be made at home with variety of added flavors.

How to make Yakisoba.

How to make Yakisoba.

Ingredients:(1 serving)
● Pork back ribs 30g
● Cabbage 30g
● Carrot 10g
● Sprout 30g
● Onion 30g
● Worcestershire sauce 3 Tsp
● (pre-cooked) Yakisoba noodles

Cooking Method

Cut up fresh vegetables (cabbage/onion/carrots/leeks) and meat of choice into bite size pieces

Heat up frying pan with oil and grill meat until cooked through

Add vegetables and continue to cook until soft

Add pre-cooked yakisoba noodles and add some water (if directed by noodle package)

Add packaged sauce or any Worcester sauce for flavor

Sprinkle Aonori seaweed for garnish and enjoy