Yukata Catalog Yukata Catalog

Yukata are traditional Japanese garments that are full-length T-shaped robes with long sleeves and are secured in place with a decorative belt called an obi. Similar to a kimono but less formal, yukata are made with thinner material and are often worn in the summer by both men and women attending Matsuri (Japanese festivals). Although the formal method of wearing tying the obi is complex, yukata can be purchased with a pre-tied bow that simplifies this process.

Women's Yukata

Women's Yukata

Women’s yukata are bright and colorful and can be styled up with different accessories. You can mix and match colors of the Obi (decorative belt), and your Geta (traditional sandals). Obi is the most important part of the yukata as it holds the outfit together. You can buy pre-tied bow that can be worn as a belt instead of tying your own.

How to Wear?

Men's Yukata

Men's Yukata

Men’s yukata are typically darker in color with the belt is worn lower at the hip. There are also jinbei (a short yukata and shorts set), which are mostly worn indoors or in recent years out for festivals.

How to Wear?

Kid's Yukata

Children's Yukata

Children’s yukata designs can range from traditional Japanese patterns to recent anime and superhero character prints. In recent years, a young girl’s yukata may have lace and appear more dress like. Yukata for babies are also available.

How to Wear?

6 Steps to Wear How to Wear

  • step1

    Step 1 : Hold right side of fabric up so that length of yukata is aligned at bottom of your ankles and pull inside the robe. Bring your left side of the fabric to the front.

  • step2

    Step 2 : Keep holding the yukata tightly and use one hand to tie a string around your waist

  • step3

    Step 3 : Insert both hands into the side openings under the arm. Remove any crease around the wait for front and back.

  • step4

    Step 4 : Fasten obi (thick belt) above the waist line. Pull extra fabric under the obi

  • step5

    Step 5 : Inset hook of pre-made bow on back of your obi

  • step6

    Step 6 : Tie around the sting of pre-made bow at front and hide it underneath the obi. Straighten any creases and unevenness when you’re done.