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Tokyo Fashion Girls Girls must have


Loose and comfortable sweater as an autumn/winter indispensable fashion element. Skirt is the best match for sure. With a vintage hat no fear for winter’s strong wind. Martin boot shows your own style.


Long cardigan never outmoded and always keep you warm. Black pantskirt with fresh Mori style. White sweater makes you clean and neat.


Blue is the key color of clear autumn day. Blue coat and dress comes with the best mood. Slim one-piece looks so neat.

Japan Fashion Brands

Trendy Shops

4,320 JPYStylife

Cut and Sewn
4,860 JPYStylife

Hooded Wool Coat
14,040 JPYStylife

Gaucho pants
5,292 JPYStylife

5,292 JPYStylife

Fur sandals
3,888 JPYStylife

4,212 JPYStylife

Knitted dress
4,860 JPYStylife

Faux Fur Jacket
10,584 JPYStylife

Skinny Jeans
6,372 JPYStylife

Knitted vest
5,292 JPYStylife

Chesterfield coat
6,372 JPYStylife

Clutch bags
7,560 JPYStylife

Knit Turtleneck
5,940 JPYStylife

Wide-cut pants
7,020 JPYStylife

5,940 JPYStylife

Cut and Sewn
5,400 JPYStylife

Cocoon skirt
5,940 JPYStylife

Knitted skirt

Military Coat

Denim Jacket

Loose Collar Knit Turtleneck
11,490 JPYStylife

Long cardigan

Angled Wool Coat
16,490 JPYStylife

Soft finish skinny jeans
9,612 JPYselectshop MU

Textile hybrid tops
8,532 JPYselectshop MU

7,452 JPYselectshop MU

Maxi coat
12,744 JPYselectshop MU

7,452 JPYselectshop MU

Felt Hat with leather accent
6,372 JPYStylife

Knit Dress
6,804 JPYStylife

Denim overcoat
16,200 JPYselectshop MU

Jumpsuit dress
11,340 JPYselectshop MU

Coat with flared sleeves
23,220 JPYselectshop MU

3,456 JPYselectshop MU

8,856 JPYselectshop MU

4,860 JPYe-zakkamania

8,964 JPYe-zakkamania

Imitation sheepskin boots
2,484 JPYe-zakkamania

Knitted vest
3,780 JPYe-zakkamania

Gaucho pants
4,212 JPYe-zakkamania

Plaid shirt
2,052 JPYe-zakkamania

Cut and Sewn
3,780 JPYosharewalker

1,998 JPYosharewalker

Duffle Coat
3,996 JPYosharewalker

Large neck turtleneck
2,997 JPYosharewalker

2,997 JPYosharewalker

Shaggy Knit Sweater
3,996 JPYosharewalker

7,452 JPYwoody-h

4,860 JPYwoody-h

Long knitted cardigan
11,880 JPYwoody-h

Cut and Sewn
6,264 JPYwoody-h

Gingham shirt
10,584 JPYwoody-h

Plaid shirt
10,584 JPYwoody-h

Long-sleeved Rabbit Print Dress
19,224 JPYhoney-bunny

21,384 JPYhoney-bunny

One-Piece Dress
14,904 JPYhoney-bunny

Sleeveless Dress with "Space Circus" themed design
13,824 JPYhoney-bunny

One-Piece Dress
20,304 JPYhoney-bunny

One-Piece Dress
19,224 JPYhoney-bunny

Sheepskin boots
1,398 JPYgalstar

1,998 JPYgalstar

Knitted gown
3,998 JPYgalstar

1,499 JPYgalstar

Pleated pants
1,998 JPYgalstar

4,998 JPYgalstar

Benefit of the promotion
1) 400 JPY Coupon: For purchases more than 5,000 JPY for one order from one shop.
2) 1,000 JPY Coupon: For purchases more than 11,000 JPY for one order from one shop.
*Coupon code can be used by any products on Rakuten Global Market which has this icon : Coupon available
*Each User can only use the same coupon code once
*Actual amount of discount is in Japanese yen
How to use coupon
Campaign Period
From Oct 21st 2015, 10:00AM to Nov 7th 2015, 9:59AM (JST)
All dates and times are according to Japan Standard Time.
Coupon Restriction
*Coupon code is valid only if a single order exceeds the threshold (single order = an order with the same order number from the same merchant).
*Threshold amount is the original purchase amount before applying other benefits such as Rakuten Super Points.
*Purchase amount does not include shipping, wrapping, or import duties (if any)
*If you cancel your order, you cannot use the same coupon code again
*You must be a registered Rakuten Member in order to use the coupon
*To qualify for the coupon benefit, order must be shipped to an overseas address (outside of Japan) using International Shipping (Orders to destinations within Japan may be cancelled.)
How to purchase in Rakuten Global Market
1. Search the product you want (you could enter the product name in search box in Japanese if you cannot find the match result in your language)
2. Add items to the Cart (some items require you to choose the color, size, etc. before you can add items to the shopping cart)
3. Checkout the items (you can use coupon or points if you have any)
4. After completing the checkout process, you will first receive an automatic email from the system immediately (The transaction is not complete yet. This is NOT an order confirmation. It’s an email informing you that your request was sent to the merchants. No need to reply)
5.You need to REPLY to the second email sent by the merchant to confirm your order 
The email will include the final amount you need to pay (purchase price + shipping fee)
If you don’t reply the second email in time , your order might be canceled by the merchants.
*For more details on payment method, please check here
*For more details on shipping rate & method, please check here
*For more details on how to purchas , please check here
*For more details on return and cancellation policy, please check here
*In case of illegal use of this promotion, Rakuten has the right to remove candidate's eligibility for this promotion.
*This campaign may be changed, stopped, or terminated without any notification in advance.
*Rakuten Global Market reserves the final right to interpret the rules of the campaign

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