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  • Your order at one shop must exceed 8,000 JPY in total.

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How to use coupon

1. Get a coupon

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2. Use a coupon at checkout

Coupon will be applied to the eligible orders.
Or you can select which coupon to use on the payment page at Checkout.

Participating Shops

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Coupon Rules
Campaign Period 12/09/2019 10:00 AM - 12/13/2019 9:59 AM (JST) (JST = Japan Standard Time)
Benefits 1,500 JPY coupon with purchase equal to or greater than 8,000 JPY from selected single shop.
Coupon restrictions 1) 1,500 JPY Coupon is valid only if a single order exceeds the threshold (single order = an order with the same order number from the same shop), which must be equal to or greater than 8,000 JPY. * 1,500 JPY coupon is available for the first 5,000 eligible orders
2) Threshold to use this coupon is the original price before applying Rakuten Super Points.
3) Only 1 coupon can be used per purchase.
4) Purchase amount does not include shipping, wrapping or import duties (if any)
5) If an order with an applied coupon is cancelled after the coupon validity expires, you would not have that coupon usage restored
6) You must be a registered Rakuten Member in order to use the coupon
7) To qualify for the coupon benefit, your order must be shipped to an overseas address (outside of Japan) using International Shipping (orders to destinations within Japan may be cancelled). Addresses within Japan provided by forwarding companies and other such services are not eligible and your order may be cancelled by the shop.
8) There is a limit on the coupon (i.e. first come first served basis) and once the coupons run out, a customer cannot use the coupon.
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For 1,500 coupon,each user can use the same coupon code up to 5 times.
* Actual amount of discount is in Japanese Yen
Please contact the shop for the shipping fee handling.
Coupons are only available to be used at selected shops. Please see eligible shop list for full list of shops where this coupon can be used.
Remarks Rakuten reserves the right to disqualify any participant who is ineligible or is judged to have participated unfairly in this promotion or have violated the terms and conditions of this promotion.
This promotion may be changed, stopped or terminated by Rakuten Global Market without any prior notification.
Applicable customs, import duties, and tax may be charged after the parcel arrives in its destination country or region. These charges must be paid separately by the customer. For more information, please contact the Customer Institutions of the destination country or region.
*For any purchase made on Rakuten Global Market, after completing the checkout process, you will first receive an automatic email from the system immediately (The transaction is not complete yet. This is NOT an order confirmation, but an email informing you that your request has been sent to the shop. No need to reply.) You will need to REPLY to the second email which informs you of the final total price including shipping fee, to confirm your order. Some shops may not send you a second email, in which case your order is placed without you knowing the final total price including the shipping fee. In such a case, please contact the shop directly if you would like to know the final price before your order is placed. The email will include the final price you need to pay (purchase amount + shipping fee) If you do not reply to the second email in time, your order may be cancelled by the shop.
*Please be aware that while most merchants include consumption tax in the final product price, some merchants may exclude consumption tax from the final product price. *If your final product price falls below the required threshold of each coupon, your coupon may be cancelled.
* In the event of a conflict between different translations of these rules, the English translation will prevail.


Q1) How to purchase on Rakuten Global Market

Q2) Do I need to be a member of Rakuten to use coupon?

A2) Yes, you need to be registered as a member to use coupons.
"How to use Coupon"

Q3) Is there a minimum purchase amount for Coupon?

A3) Yes, there is a minimum purchase amount Coupon.
Coupon minimum purchase amount:
1,500 JPY Coupon is valid only if a single order exceeds the threshold (single order = an order with the same order number from the same shop), which must be equal to or greater than 8,000 JPY.

Q4) If I cancel some items in an order, causing the total amount to fall below 8,000 Japanese yen, do I still qualify for the Coupon campaign?

(For example, I purchased 4 items at the same store, and the original amount is 20,000 JPY. I then cancelled one of the item, which costs 15,000 JPY and now the total amount of the order is 5,000 JPY. Do I still qualify for 1,500 JPY coupon?)
A4) Unfortunately no. In such case, the final amount of that order is 5,000 JPY, which does not meet the requirement to qualify for the Coupon campaign threshold of 8,000 JPY.

Q5) How long does it take for the goods to be shipped?

A5) Usually, the items will be delivered within 3 to 14 days after the purchase.
Actual arrival date depends on the shipping condition. Please confirm with the merchants.

Q6) What should I do if I have a question about my order, but did not receive a reply after emailing the store?

A6) Normally, it takes store 2 to 3 working days to process your email. If you do not receive any email reply from the store after 3 working days, please contact Rakuten’ s Member Support Centre.
Online customer service: <Click here to chat with online customer service>