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Reasons for shopping

I love the variety of products available and the deals. There are some really great deals for items from Japan that would normally cost much more elsewhere. I also appreciate that some items have really cheap delivery fees or a flat fee which is great for when you're ordering more items. I like that it's easy to search for items but it can be difficult to filter searches.

The most satisfying experience: must be the global express service, this is the most fabulous service ever!
If the store cannot ship the goods overseas, the platform will ship the goods! The most frustrating experience: not at this moment since I use Rakuten till now

Over the years of using Rakuten I can see that shopping procedure has become easier. One can now specify the type of postal service chosen, some items have an instantly available shipping estimate. The points charts are now available in English - they were hard to read before. The orders ALWAYS arrive packed safely and with a lot of attention to details, which I personally find really important and heartwarming.

Rakuten has a big variety of products that are either not available elsewhere or have much higher prices. and once you start to browse you can't stop…


Amazing product quality and choice and great, honest and reliable people behind the virtual counters

I recommended to my fishing friends when they asked where did I get my gears from as some of the items from the same brand (Thirty Four 34) they are using does not have the colorway that I'm using, after explaining to them that what I'm using is "Shop Exclusive" colorway. They are interested to get their own on Rakuten.

Shopping process and experience

At Rakuten, I can buy a lot of things that I wouldn't normally see in Hong Kong. Especially household goods, I shall move to a new house recently, so I want to buy many new home products. In Rakuten Japan, I can easily find a lot of home products with distinctive features that truly meet my requirements. Maybe many friends are also worried that items purchased in Rakuten Market will not be delivered to Hong Kong. As a matter of fact, Rakuten has a collective shipping service. You only need to enter the Japanese address provided when shopping, and then the items can be shipped to Hong Kong, which is very convenient. As there are many different shops in Rakuten Market, I can compare the prices and choose the most suitable items. In addition, there are a lot of discount offers, and I hope Rakuten can launch free shipping to Hong Kong again!

At the beginning, I didn't know that Rakuten Market could provide collective shipping/global express service, because many stores would only mail to areas within Japan, not to other countries. So it was a little confusing at first. But when you know how to use the collective shipping service, it becomes convenient.

What I feel most satisfied with Rakuten is its diversity of products and so many surprises to be discovered. In addition, whether it is the store or the center of shipping, their delivery speed is very fast. Many times, I get the items within a week. However, I think the website page design needs to be improved. For example, when I go to the page to search my coupon, I can't/don't find the button to go back to the home page of Rakuten Market.

I once bought second-hand items. At first, I was worried about the difference between the actual product and the photo. After receiving the goods, I found that it was consistent with the photo. Japanese stores are very reputable.

Rakuten can ship items to my country and have freight reduction activities, which can improve my purchase intention. What's more, Rakuten points can be collected so that I can get more discounts next time.

Based on my many personal purchasing experiences in Rakuten Market Japan, it is very reliable and reassuring for you to do shopping. You can surely find the right products from its wide range of shops and articles.


Don't fly to Japan for shopping



I think that it is a store that we can trust and purchase from due to the variety of products, certainty, communication with sellers and shipping


1. Because it is cheaper compared to other sites in the promotion event period, such as discounts and point payments 2. Because there were items that are not on other sites from time to time

Points of Satisfaction - Being able to purchase Japanese brands that are not available in Korea. Points of Disappointment - Difficult to predict shipping costs, poor mobile experience.

The abundant coupon event looks like the strongest point. A disadvantage of Rakuten Global is the shipping fee, but if you want to reduce the shipping cost a little, you need to use the coupon event wisely. Also, it is a good tip if you purchase products for which consumption tax in Japan is not charged.

I strongly recommend Rakuten Global because it provides a wide selection of products, friendly customer service, seamless communication, fast international shipping, safe packaging technology, and much more. I have also taught my real online community members several times about how to use Rakuten Global.

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